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2014-01-02 07:20 pm

A Mini Art Dump!

Hello 2014! Let's see if you can be any better than '13. Though from the start of it already, you're a bit shaky. You've got almost 12 months still to make up for that!

In the mean time, I thought that I would make a little art dump of a couple pieces I did during break time at work today. Both are direct from pen but using two different kinds of pens and two different styles.

Mini Art Dump )

That's it for tonight! =~.^=V
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2013-06-14 06:29 pm

Because I Can Never Draw too Much Tony/Jarvis...

And since work today was literally nothing short of "hell on earth" and if I had to hear the phrase, "Are you busy right now?" one more time while I was doing 4 jobs at the same time, I thought I would scream and run away.

I think my job thinks I'm a real life Jarvis. Sure as heck felt like I needed to be one today.

Nonetheless, two days off, so I'm leading into the weekend with my fave Iron Man/Avengers pairing!

Onto the Tony/Jarvis Joy! )
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2013-05-24 08:39 pm

And More Captain Hook Random Drawings!

Because today was tiring and I am tired and am SO happy to not go to work until Monday afternoon. Then three days off because I took vacation to watch my 'rents house and mine while the 'rents are off seeing my cousin graduate in Colorado. (It will be the first time Pop has seen his sister in 27 years, they're both very excited.)

So because I'm working on the next RDJ story and don't quite have the oomph to ink in the two omake komas, I drew a couple of my version of Captain Hook at work today. Enjoy!

Captain Hook )
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2013-05-23 06:56 pm

DOUJINSHI: "Whispers by the Sea" (Pages 8-10)

So today after a trying day of my work's computer system deciding that it was going to work when it darn well felt like it, I came home feeling restless.

This often results in me being super busy or very inspired.

Actually, both happened today.

I cut out my kimono pattern for Sei's outfit today and my wig arrived in the mail, so my cosplay is officially off and running! Woot!

And, the big news is that I finished the last page of the "Satan's Alley" doujinshi. I'm very proud of this being that the only two truly spoken lines occur on page 8 and page 9. Now to work on my Omake koma panel comic to go with it. Can't decide what I want the next story for the RDJ book to be, I'll have to think on it for a while. Oh, and I'm going to post at the bottom and extra SA doodle and a random pic I did of Captain Hook because I like it.


Whispers by the Sea (Pages 8-10) )
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2013-05-16 01:55 pm

SA Doodle (And Still Displaced and Now Sick to Boot. =-.-=)

Work was exceedingly long today as I struggled against a brutal cold that has laid siege to my nose, throat and ears. Unfortunately, its nothing that antibiotics will take care of so I just have to bear it. I had a low grade temp today and though everyone kept asking if I was feeling well, when I mentioned I would like to go home early just for today, they (meaning only two peeps that I work with in the office) had a ton of work for me to do. So I made it my whole shift relying on my resilience and stubborn nature.

I'm still displaced for another night. Hopefully tomorrow evening I'll get back to my own bed even if the rest of the furniture isn't in the new master bedroom yet. I'm typing using my comp this afternoon because I managed to squeeze my way into the guest room where much of the pieces that are being sold are sitting at the moment.

And since I was having a crappy day, I decided to do an SA doodle to cheer me up. It ended up angsty. I like it.

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That's it for now!
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2013-05-12 06:39 pm

DOUJINSHI: "Whispers by the Sea" (Pages 6-7)

Happy Mother's Day today! For those of you who have mum or are mum's, I hope that it was a lovely day! I got my mum a card and a new Hydrangea plant I've been tending too. Now she has to take it to her office tomorrow because of her cats keeps trying to eat it. =^^=;;

In the mean time, here are the next two pages of my "Satan's Alley" doujinshi as well as a bonus doodle of Tony and Jarvis. (Thanks to me, my Sissy is now into supporting Tony and Jarvis together. XD)

Enjoy! =~.^=V

Whispers by the Sea~Pages 6-7 )

Hee-hee, lets here it for Jarvis!
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2013-05-10 01:51 pm

A JARVIS Doodle and a Sei Doodle! =^^=

It was one hell of a day at work. My back hurts, my feet hurts and I struggled with a migraine the whole day. I just have to keep telling myself that I have one more day tomorrow and then a day off. Then back to work on Monday. But it will be nice to actually spend Mother's Day with my mum, so I will take having to return back to work on Monday in exchange for Sunday off.

On a random note, some times it's the little things that make the day better. I opened up a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper to take with my migraine medicine and found out that I won a free movie rental from Redbox. So hey, free movie! =^^=

Because of the busy of the day, I didn't get much doodling done like the past couple days. I did manage one JARVIS based one after LNchan left a little niggling idea in the back of my head if Tony would be jealous if Jarvis would pay attention to someone else other than him. The other doodle is of my cosplay. I think Sei is such a fantastic character and I tried to capture a few of her different expressions as best as I could in the up close sketches.

On to the Doodles! )

That's it for today, maybe I'll have a few more tomorrow! Oh, and I finished inking in page 7 of the "Satan's Alley" doujinshi. Three more pages to go and it will be finished! Woot! =^^=V
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2013-05-09 03:45 pm

More JARVIS Doodles! (And a Science BF Thrown in for Good Measure)

Well, it was one hell of a day at work today. Once again, I was piled on with three more jobs I didn't really have time to do, yet amazingly enough, still managed to finish within the noted time frame. I swear, I truly think they believe I'm the human version of the Energizer Bunny or something. =-.-=

Also, bought the fabric for my single cosplay I'll be wearing for the one day I'll be attending SoDak Con next month. Only reason I'm going is to see a couple friends that are coming up from Colorado and I'm getting interviewed for a cosplay book that will be published in the states in October, I believe? I'm getting to know the girl writing it, she's an accomplished cosplayer and is very sweet. I opted for an semi-unusual choice just because I don't think many people will either know my character or just may be fearful to approach me. I'm doing "Sei Kurosawa," the villainess from the horror survival PS game "Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly." In a nutshell, pure white kimono splattered in blood. Good times to be had by all. XD

Past that ramblings, I've done even more JARVIS doodles because I am falling in love with the idea of Tony having his "secret" passionate affair with his system. XD Oh, and Science Boyfriends to throw in there too because I was feeling a bit angsty when I drew it.


Dah Doodles )

That's it for today! =~.^=V
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2013-05-07 07:22 pm

JARVIS Doodles!

Since LNchan and I were talking about 'bot fics and the fact that I think she writes some of the best ones around, I was playing around with what I think JARVIS would look like if he had a human projection of himself.

LNchan was brilliant in suggesting that Tony would model JARVIS after himself in appearance because he's just that egotistical. (And we love him for that!) So I used that idea and crossed it with how RDJ looked as "Kirk Lazarus" in "Tropic Thunder."

I ended up with a white, wavy haired man with a white goatee and pupiless vibrant blue eyes since that's where his "programming" would be viewable from. Then came the tongue-in-cheek humor. I will never be able to write a Tony/JARVIS fic without laughing now. So, onto the art!


All done with a blue ink pen at work today. The insanity continues!
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2013-04-19 01:15 pm

DOUJINSHI: "Whispers by the Sea" (Page 1)

At first I was semi-joking about making the whole "Satan's Alley" doujinshi, but then I was playing around with some panels and text styles on my work's computer and randomly came up with the first three panels of page one. Then I drew in the first three panels. Then I set up the next three pages panels, including one containing minimal spoken text without any current illustrations.

What kind of hole have I fallen into? =^^=;;

Anyhoo, here's the page that I have. It's quite a bit smaller than the original copy and I do have the ability to do computer generated shading but I'm just not feeling it at the moment. Maybe in the future, ne?

Dah Doujinshi Page! )
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2013-03-22 05:47 pm

A Bit of "Johnlock" for my Dearest LNchan...

Because I know she's been having a really up and down past few days, so what better distraction than our two boyz sharing a very passionate and unexpected kiss?

To the Johnlock! )

Here's to a bright spot in the day, love!
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2013-02-16 06:41 pm

And a Little Bit of Marvel Slash Art...

Because LNchan was a darling and sent me all my missing RPs, I was able to garner a lot of inspiration from them as well as the X-treme X-men comic panels I've managed to scrounge. It ended up being James (Logan)/Kurt this time. Also, a bit tricky since Kurt is like 12 in this version of X-men, so it verged a bit on the shota side but I made sure it didn't get too graphic. =^^=;;

On to the Art )

That's all for now, minnasan, ja ne! =~.^=V