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Since LNchan and I were talking about 'bot fics and the fact that I think she writes some of the best ones around, I was playing around with what I think JARVIS would look like if he had a human projection of himself.

LNchan was brilliant in suggesting that Tony would model JARVIS after himself in appearance because he's just that egotistical. (And we love him for that!) So I used that idea and crossed it with how RDJ looked as "Kirk Lazarus" in "Tropic Thunder."

I ended up with a white, wavy haired man with a white goatee and pupiless vibrant blue eyes since that's where his "programming" would be viewable from. Then came the tongue-in-cheek humor. I will never be able to write a Tony/JARVIS fic without laughing now. So, onto the art!

 photo jarvisdoodles1_zps39c7425e.jpg

JARVIS: "You look very handsome today, Mr. Banner."
TONY: "Thank you for your input, Jarvis. Come on, Bruce. Bruce?"

 photo jarvisdoodles2_zps421a215b.jpg

JARVIS: "May I ask, sir, why I have been projected in nothing but a sheet?"
TONY: "Don't ask weird questions, Jarvis. Ooh, looks like some data bits might be tense here."

All done with a blue ink pen at work today. The insanity continues!

Date: 2013-05-08 05:07 am (UTC)
marama: (Avengers: CDansen 01)
From: [personal profile] marama
I'd say you're making me blush if I weren't such a blood-sucker already. /^_^\ Though now from your description I'm picture the blue in Jarvis's eyes to match the arc reactor. But that's just me.

Aaaaand I suddenly want to put all the bots into LMDs, though only Jarvis would still look like Tony.

Love the tongue-in-cheekiness. Also liked Bruce's reaction. (Am not thinking of a sandwich. Nope nope nope.) Cheers, luv!


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