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Well, it was one hell of a day at work today. Once again, I was piled on with three more jobs I didn't really have time to do, yet amazingly enough, still managed to finish within the noted time frame. I swear, I truly think they believe I'm the human version of the Energizer Bunny or something. =-.-=

Also, bought the fabric for my single cosplay I'll be wearing for the one day I'll be attending SoDak Con next month. Only reason I'm going is to see a couple friends that are coming up from Colorado and I'm getting interviewed for a cosplay book that will be published in the states in October, I believe? I'm getting to know the girl writing it, she's an accomplished cosplayer and is very sweet. I opted for an semi-unusual choice just because I don't think many people will either know my character or just may be fearful to approach me. I'm doing "Sei Kurosawa," the villainess from the horror survival PS game "Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly." In a nutshell, pure white kimono splattered in blood. Good times to be had by all. XD

Past that ramblings, I've done even more JARVIS doodles because I am falling in love with the idea of Tony having his "secret" passionate affair with his system. XD Oh, and Science Boyfriends to throw in there too because I was feeling a bit angsty when I drew it.


 photo jarvisdoodles3_zps5d7c3afe.jpg

I'm finally satisfied with the color of Jarvis' eyes. I used my photoshop proggie and just colored them in a bit. Getting frisky, yet semi-nonresponsive with our lovely Stark.

 photo jarvisdoodles4_zpsda7edcab.jpg

How I picture how Jarvis sees his job. No Tony, he's not busy at all.

 photo jarvisdoodles5_zpsa0539be1.jpg

Jarvis is in reality the suit, so it makes sense he'd be able to use parts of it freely in his projected form.

 photo jarvisdoodles6_zps3d6f07a1.jpg

And he impresses Bruce, Bruce gets a crush and Tony gets a jealousy! =^^=

 photo stanner1_zps69c49840.jpg

And some Science Boyfriends because they're gorgeous when they're (unfortunately) massively injured.

That's it for today! =~.^=V

Date: 2013-05-09 10:16 pm (UTC)
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Suuuweeeeeet! Think I loved the 'not busy' and the Jarvis repulsor best (the latter because I'm a sucker for hurt!Tony). And do so love the eyes in the first one.

But ah, wouldn't Tony also be just the tiniest bit jealous of Jarvis too, considering before the LMD Tony was always Jarvis's priority. Now he's paying attention elsewhere. I could see Tony kind of being a bit jealous/bratty about both of them. /^^\

I'm going back Saturday for another showing. Every time I go I get a mood lift and a muse. I had to play catch up on some course work in Python, but I'm hoping to get the next SH part out before Sat, though I can guarantee it after the movie. But really, want to write it before.

And *really* tempted to put You and Dummy into LMDs, ficwise anyway since my art is for crapper and impressionism at this point. (Remind me to retake my art lessons on my DS one of these days.)

Sorry, rambly comment is rambly.


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