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It was one hell of a day at work. My back hurts, my feet hurts and I struggled with a migraine the whole day. I just have to keep telling myself that I have one more day tomorrow and then a day off. Then back to work on Monday. But it will be nice to actually spend Mother's Day with my mum, so I will take having to return back to work on Monday in exchange for Sunday off.

On a random note, some times it's the little things that make the day better. I opened up a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper to take with my migraine medicine and found out that I won a free movie rental from Redbox. So hey, free movie! =^^=

Because of the busy of the day, I didn't get much doodling done like the past couple days. I did manage one JARVIS based one after LNchan left a little niggling idea in the back of my head if Tony would be jealous if Jarvis would pay attention to someone else other than him. The other doodle is of my cosplay. I think Sei is such a fantastic character and I tried to capture a few of her different expressions as best as I could in the up close sketches.

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That's it for today, maybe I'll have a few more tomorrow! Oh, and I finished inking in page 7 of the "Satan's Alley" doujinshi. Three more pages to go and it will be finished! Woot! =^^=V
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Well, it was one hell of a day at work today. Once again, I was piled on with three more jobs I didn't really have time to do, yet amazingly enough, still managed to finish within the noted time frame. I swear, I truly think they believe I'm the human version of the Energizer Bunny or something. =-.-=

Also, bought the fabric for my single cosplay I'll be wearing for the one day I'll be attending SoDak Con next month. Only reason I'm going is to see a couple friends that are coming up from Colorado and I'm getting interviewed for a cosplay book that will be published in the states in October, I believe? I'm getting to know the girl writing it, she's an accomplished cosplayer and is very sweet. I opted for an semi-unusual choice just because I don't think many people will either know my character or just may be fearful to approach me. I'm doing "Sei Kurosawa," the villainess from the horror survival PS game "Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly." In a nutshell, pure white kimono splattered in blood. Good times to be had by all. XD

Past that ramblings, I've done even more JARVIS doodles because I am falling in love with the idea of Tony having his "secret" passionate affair with his system. XD Oh, and Science Boyfriends to throw in there too because I was feeling a bit angsty when I drew it.


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That's it for today! =~.^=V


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