Jan. 15th, 2013

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Nick is being a real pain in the rear today. I wasn't able to go to work because I contracted a chest infection. I fortunately found someone to come in for me and the doctor prescribed me the same stuff he always does. Because I have asthma, I need to get those infections taken care of before they morph into asthmatic pneumonia.

All I did on FB was mention it as a side note, the main portion of the quick post being an update on my costume research of Fili's outfit he wears for the majority of the movie.

Cue the attitude.

I don't like to post personal things on my FB, I just don't. But I definitely got the impression he was looking for an arguement or a fight tonight. I stayed polite and simply explained what had happened and that I was just glad it wasn't the flu. Instead of just being pleased with that, he had to put his own two cents in about how he deals with as many people as I deal with, handles money and credit cards and NEVER has to deal with illness. So obviously my store wasn't handling the situation correctly.

::rolls eyes:: I'm actually aware of him having "fits" like this but since I didn't feel good today, it just irritated me right to the core.

Ugh, Men.


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