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Happy Valentine's Day, minnasan, I hope it was a lovely one! Mum and Pop surprised me by taking me out for dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant. Just got back from that. And though it is a bit shaky still, seems like Nick and I might be trying to actually make a go of it. (In least, that's what his mum Rose is really hoping. She hasn't physically met me but seems to already adore me. =^^=;;) We're exchanging Valentine's later this month.

And now for Bravo to Marvel. Once again you have outdone yourself with your X-treme X-men series. You pushed the boundaries and what made it fantastic was how accepting the fans were of this alternative universe you set up for the short issue run. Unfortunately, where I live, the comic book store only cares a minimum, they are more DC fans I think than anything. Yes, DC, you did a good attempt with the alternative Green Lantern storyline but I'm afraid Marvel trumped you.

Let's here it for the most wonderfully drawn and heavily charged panel in the X-treme X-men arsenal.

 photo herwolv1_zps3b5bc7ca.jpg

Just the way I like my couples. Big, musclebound, hairy and involving Wolverine. And apparently Wolverine likes his men taller, aka why he is groping on his Hercules.

Bravo again, Marvel. Not only were the fans super accepting of the Herc/Wolvie couple, but many of them have stated their blatant approval of this pairing. Too bad it was for only an alternative short run storyline. =;.;=

And that's all the rambling for today! As my precious LNchan stated, 1/2 off chocolate tomorrow!


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