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I would have appreciated if you and I hadn't started off with back breaking speed. Quite literally. Had to leave work today because my back that has been threatening to go out on me finally did. Thankfully a co-worker came in on her day off to finish my shift for me.

So yeah, 2013? Let's try and play nice now, ne?
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What to say about '12? Not a whole lot. It was not the best year though I wouldn't disable it or ask it to go away.

I refound my love of journaling but here at DW where only LN (who I am also very glad to have back in my life) and a choice two or three others can see.

I have a "new" knee, something I needed desperately and it was worth all the painful physical therapy that I went through.

Got a new boyfriend and just as quickly, am watching him slip away. Bittersweet and stinging but not as painful and tragic as one would think.

I rediscovered my love of LotR, of The Hobbit, of my trips to Disney World and of my beautiful BJD, Lionel.

I saw my family fall on hard times and pull themselves up by the strings once again.

I fell out of love with Kpop and fell back in love with classical music.

I heard my youngest autistic nephew say his first full sentence.

There was snow where there wasn't any even though the rivers ran dry here.

All in all, 2012 had many low points, accented by high points.

And to quote my dearest LNchan, 2013, I have my eye on you. =^^=
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This one for obvious reasons...


Met the ever so smexy Jack Sparrow during Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. First thing he asked Mikki and I was if we knew Giselle and Scarlett. XD Second thing was that I had a very fluffy hat.

He was a dream and did one of the best Johnny Depp impressions I've ever heard or seen. You could tell he was made for the Face Character.

Random, I made the kimono, its one of my favorites!
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And the general weirdness that followed buying said issue. I brought up two copies to purchase and my coworker looks at them both and makes a cute comment about how pretty all the men are. (Which they are.) Then follows up with proof that noone in my store knows how a collector's brain works.

C: Are you giving someone one of these?
M: No, they're both mine.
C: Why two?
M: There are posters in the magazine and I want a copy I can take them out of and one copy to leave in pristine condition.
C: .....okay....

=-.-= And thus I reaffirmed once again that I am the only one in that store who is that Geeky. But in a way, its a good thing, ne?

Deciding if I want to try a different nondairy creamer in my chai latte tomorrow. I tried Hazelnut a couple days ago and it was way too sweet. I'm wondering if the Amaretto would be good?
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Woo-hoo, survived the Black Friday onslaught! Though honestly, where I live, everyone is very polite and all goods are really well stocked. We went to a store that was a block from where I live to buy an electric blanket. We then didn't even get to the next store until 7 a.m. There was no real hurry for us. Everyone was really friendly and in great holiday spirits, so it was really fun today! =^^=

Sent an e-mail to Mikki. We've talked about it once but I thought I would bring it up again to her.

Every year I plan to attend the "Labyrinth of Jareth's Ball" in Hollywood. Every year I am unable to go. Mikki's cousin Chani who is also a friend of mine and her roomie Julie, went for the first time last year. (They both live in Anaheim.) They said it was even more incredible than they had ever imagined. Pictures didn't even do it justice.

So now I'm thinking that we have to go in our finest Fae lord and lady outfits and attend. Because how often will I get the chance to dance in Jareth's courtyard?
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Just saw on Tumblr to promote "The Hobbit" film, they're encouraging everyone to enjoy the lovely thing that is "second breakfast!" (As well as try to eat all the meals that Hobbits eat in one day.)

I don't know if I'll manage all of them, but I will definitely ATTEMPT the 2nd Breakfast portion, even though I have the SUPER early shift tomorrow! =^^=;;
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So apparently according to the Marvel movie rumor mill, a certain "Viggo Mortenson" may be making an appearance in "Thor 2" as a certain "Doctor Stephen Strange." If this is true (and I hope it is,) then I'm pretty sure if I had still have ovaries, they would explode. =^^=

And on a further random note, Nick and I were at a Halloween Boutique last night on our anniversary for the sole reason of him trying to find a "Watson" hat for Yaoicon in 2013. (That is our goal as of right now.) He then asked if he could take off his pants at any point in time while I'm dressed like Sherlock.....I think I might love this man. XD
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Because LNchan asked and I can't say no to her, here's the last lolita outfit I wore to SoDak Con for the whopping 1 1/2 hours I was there! =^^= (Bonus points, pics of the boyfriend! XD) This is the style I'm supposed to be "too old" to wear. Honestly, I don't wear it much as far as Lolita, but once in a while, I like to just go all out!

One Piece: "Wonder Party" by "Angelic Pretty" in Sax Blue
OTK Socks: "Kuromi/Sanrio"
Wrist Cuffs: "Angelic Pretty"
Tea Party Shoes: "Angelic Pretty"
Headband: Off-brand
Accessories: All Made by Me
Wig: "Gothic Lolita Wigs"

Dah OTT Lolita )
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Because it makes my Aragorn/Frodo ship heart sing!


Why yes, Frodo should have let him follow him all the way to the end. (But that would have done away with my desire for angsty A/F fiction and that would have made me sad! XD)
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So, it's been a very weird past few days for me at work. My main boss is gone because of another store's remodel and then he's on vacation. The assistant boss has been decent enough for a change. But of course, the moment the head cheese is gone, the price coordinator I work for periodically magically calls in "sick" on two of the busiest days of the week at my store.

I get a call just before 6 a.m. on Tuesday. I take a sleeping pill. I answer the phone. I somehow drive to work and manage to do her job half awake.

Thank heavens I didn't hit anyone on the way. =-.-=

It wouldn't have been that big of a deal, but she does this every time the main boss leaves. I don't even think she was sick but I didn't say anything. (That's because she's heading toward retirement age and when she does, I get her job. WOOT!)

I'm pretty bummed too because none of my friends are half as excited as I am about "The Hobbit" premiere. I'm glad that a lot of my OL friends are but it makes it a little lonely around here when I want to talk about new screenshots or little interviews just for a bit and it's immediately replaced by...

"Yeah, that's kewl, Mir but what we really should be talking about is SODAK CON!"

For those of you who are familiar with this phrase, you probably know who I'm referring too.

I'm so sick of this convention already and it's not even here yet.

Unfortunately too, I don't get to go to Seoul this year either because my friend became unexpectedly unemployed. On a lighter note, we decided to go to "Walt Disney World" in October for S's and G's, so that should be fun.

I know this was kind of a meandering post but I needed to get a bit off my chest.

Here's to the rest of the evening!
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Though I seriously have to catch up with the first season. I am SO far behind. =;.;= (It's like my "LotR" fix sans Aragorn and with alot more sex.)
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Usually I don't put too much thought into such things like that.

Don't get me wrong, I'm actually really happy where I'm standing right now. I'm finally getting my house in order and redecorated. I have a somewhat steady schedule at work. I even have a young man as a suitor, which is refreshing after the past couple years.

But there is this nagging in the back of my head lately. It doesn't go away, it just kinda' sits there. It feels like I should be doing something more, changing something, making an important turning point in my life.

But I don't even know what to change.

I discussed it with my mum and she thought it might be because I need a vacation where I'm not actually sick. The last little one I took I had the stomach flu and food poisoning at the same time. Thus, it wasn't every enjoyable. And maybe she's right, maybe I just need some time to think by myself on everything.

My writing is pretty much null right now. I know quite a few of my dedicated readers are waiting valiantly. But I don't like writing something that I don't feel good about. The last couple pieces I've churned out felt forced and I really hate that.

My artwork is coming along nicely though. I feel like I want to focus more on that right now. It's important to me.

So I guess in a way I'm wondering exactly where I should go from here or if I should just wait it out and see. I'm not exactly confused but I'm starting to wonder if I'm just not a bit bored with the monotony of the past few weeks.

In any case, that's why I find this journal particularly useful. It's my place that's only shared with a VERY select few. And that does make me happy. =^^=
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Seriously, the "stupid" at my store is getting to EPIC proportions.

I tell everyone that I have had a bad migraine since 3:30 a.m. this morning and to try and limit how many questions they ask me because I wasn't functioning the best.

Cue the "Idiot" button.

Everyone seems to have forgotten my request and how to do pretty much everything else in the store.

TGIF tomorrow. =-.-=
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Work today made me cringe a little more than usual. I'm grateful that it was my last "official" day of cashiering for the week because if the people got any dumber today, I would worry severely about my IQ dropping.

I think I'm getting meaner the farther I get into 2012.

Only ten more months until "The Hobbit."
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And it definitely went too quick. There are weeks like last week that seemed to drag forever. Then I had a ton of fun seeing the broadway musical version of "Young Frankenstein" with my best friend on Saturday and spent most of the day Sunday with my family.

And before I know it, Monday is creeping up on me.

I think I need a vacation.
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And so I'm finally here at Dreamwidth and am happy to be away from alot of the noise at LJ for a little while!


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