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Miracle Shining ([personal profile] miracleshining) wrote2013-06-14 06:29 pm

Because I Can Never Draw too Much Tony/Jarvis...

And since work today was literally nothing short of "hell on earth" and if I had to hear the phrase, "Are you busy right now?" one more time while I was doing 4 jobs at the same time, I thought I would scream and run away.

I think my job thinks I'm a real life Jarvis. Sure as heck felt like I needed to be one today.

Nonetheless, two days off, so I'm leading into the weekend with my fave Iron Man/Avengers pairing!

 photo jarvisdoodles9_zps9ce48f4c.jpg

This doodle stemmed from a story idea that was rolling around in my head. The moment that Jarvis starts to develop real "human" emotion and Tony starts to realize he may in fact have true deep feelings for his system.

 photo jarvisdoodles10_zps5f90ca76.jpg

Cuddles! There is always time for Tony to get a cuddle from Jarvis! Oh, and the little chibi!Jarvis at the bottom was inspired by LNchan's comment about what would happen if Tony missed their anniversary and had to program virtual flowers that smelled into Jarvis's system. (I even wrote the letters backwards! XD)

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