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I had a big plan for the piece this year and then I got really sick and I'm still sick. I'll be going back to the doctor at 3:45 p.m. today to hopefully get some meds that work.

Also, working double and triple duty at work is pulling me down.

And I really and truly didn't want to do it if my dear LNchan can't participate in it! =^^=
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And since work today was literally nothing short of "hell on earth" and if I had to hear the phrase, "Are you busy right now?" one more time while I was doing 4 jobs at the same time, I thought I would scream and run away.

I think my job thinks I'm a real life Jarvis. Sure as heck felt like I needed to be one today.

Nonetheless, two days off, so I'm leading into the weekend with my fave Iron Man/Avengers pairing!

Onto the Tony/Jarvis Joy! )
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Yup, my Inner Fangirl literally screamed not when I saw Smaug, not when I saw Thorin covered in spider webs, not when I saw Bilbo pop out from the top of the trees.

Not even when Legolas and Thrandruil were on the screen together as father and son.

Nope, I FANGIRLED the moment that Bard was visible for those couple scenes.

To make a long story short, Bard was one of my favorite characters in both the book and the cartoon despite the fact that he's in it for such a short time.

That and the actor that plays him literally looks like Will Turner with a mullet.

That aside, I am super excited to see the next portion of The Hobbit.

Other news, LNchan and I found out we are officially not alone in the RDJude fandom of Sherlock Holmes. There are more of us out there! Huzzah!
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And it's been a pretty decent one. Mum and Pop gave me a card and $50. My work gave me a couple cards and a small piece of cake.

I got lots of well wishes from everyone and that meant a lot to me.

What would have made this day better?

If I hadn't been up the whole previous night with the stomach flu.

Needless to say my traditional birthday dinner has been put off until Thursday.

But on the bright side, in least it's not raining!

Thanks to everyone for the wishes, it means the world to me!


Jun. 1st, 2013 07:33 pm
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I realized that all I really want in life today was to sit and watch Mads Mikkelson and Viggo Morteson drink coffee and speak completely in Danish to each other the whole time.

That and relief from a new cold that has wormed its way into my head.

And maybe a donut.

Definitely a donut.
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Fortunately it seems that the leak I had in my roof has been taken care of. I'm actually staying at my 'rents house tonight as I'm housesitting since they're still in Colorado until tomorrow afternoon.

I've gotten a nice reaction to the whole "Satan's Alley" doujinshi. I didn't realize how many peeps want the storyline expanded. I'm contemplating about using the idea of the "torn back/scars" that LNchan and I have discussed and formulating that into a secondary story idea. It would once again have limited speaking, mostly from Connell, but I would be able to finally give O'Malley more dialogue including a small speaking role like it was in the first story.

Rambling aside, I feel like I'm at a bit of a crossroads at the moment. Everyone has been showing me new anime and manga and nothing has interested me. I still watch "Aikatsu" simply because I think it's cute and that's about it. Alot of yaoi pairings have lost all interest to me and if I have one more person push "Homestuck" on me, I think I will leave Tumblr permanently. That being said, I downloaded the Tumblr Savior on my home PC which now thankfully blocks out about 90% of Homestuck related posts. =-.-= One can only stand so much about a pixelated 8-bit comic world without getting a little nauseous thinking about it.

Robert Downey Jr., Kirk Lazarus and Jude Law. Let's make this a smutty, angsty, painful, beautiful thing, ne? Now THERE'S a comic idea!
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Because today was tiring and I am tired and am SO happy to not go to work until Monday afternoon. Then three days off because I took vacation to watch my 'rents house and mine while the 'rents are off seeing my cousin graduate in Colorado. (It will be the first time Pop has seen his sister in 27 years, they're both very excited.)

So because I'm working on the next RDJ story and don't quite have the oomph to ink in the two omake komas, I drew a couple of my version of Captain Hook at work today. Enjoy!

Captain Hook )
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For those of you who don't know, my current half of the state has been blanketed by one of the biggest rain clouds we've had in a very long time. Mid to late May is not a normal time for rain but there has been a very bad drought for almost 7 years so I am not objecting to the moisture.

I am, however, objecting to waking up at a quarter to six this morning with a steady stream of water plummeting from my ceiling in my new bedroom to my carpeted floor. Thankfully it was only one spot and I did manage to get a bucket underneath said leak. Also, a real blessing was that the leak is nowhere near any of my furniture and misses my bed all together. I still think I may have to sleep on the couch tonight because I can't stand the sound of water "plinking" into a container. =-.-=

In other news, I finished drawing and inking the next page of the SA doujinshi. I just have to erase the pencil marks tonight and being work on the following page. Randomly, yesterday a group of girls suddenly started to reblog the current pages 1-5 on Tumblr. One girl added that she wished that this was a crossover between Satan's Alley and that show The Vikings from the History Channel. I didn't really understand the comment but I guess if she liked it, whatever, right?

Finished the next chapter to LNchan and I's "Sherlock Holmes" piece. I'm pleased with it and it'll be fun moving into more of the action portion as well as beginning to "heat up" John and Sherlock's relationship.

That's all for now! I've got work in a couple hours so I best prep for it. Yay.
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I'm happy to say though I was more than grateful and glad to stay at my 'rents house, I am back in my own place with almost everything I need moved into my brand new master bedroom. The room used to be the family den so it's double the size of my "old" master bedroom which used to be my parents' room.

I'm so ridiculously excited to actually have room to stand in the middle of the floor and not trip over a bookshelf or misplaced binder. =^^=;;

Plus, I got two koma strips printed out on my store computer to place in between doujinshi stories. It's a joke about Robert and Tobey finding out about "Satan's Alley" fan fiction. I'll be doing those with chibi/SD styled charas of them. And yiss, looks like I'll have enough stories to put together a whole RDJ mini fanbook that I hope I can manage to figure out how to get printed on my printer. We'll see, ne?

That's all for tonight! I best be heading off to my new room and start putting books on the shelves! Woot!
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Work was exceedingly long today as I struggled against a brutal cold that has laid siege to my nose, throat and ears. Unfortunately, its nothing that antibiotics will take care of so I just have to bear it. I had a low grade temp today and though everyone kept asking if I was feeling well, when I mentioned I would like to go home early just for today, they (meaning only two peeps that I work with in the office) had a ton of work for me to do. So I made it my whole shift relying on my resilience and stubborn nature.

I'm still displaced for another night. Hopefully tomorrow evening I'll get back to my own bed even if the rest of the furniture isn't in the new master bedroom yet. I'm typing using my comp this afternoon because I managed to squeeze my way into the guest room where much of the pieces that are being sold are sitting at the moment.

And since I was having a crappy day, I decided to do an SA doodle to cheer me up. It ended up angsty. I like it.

On to the Doodle )

That's it for now!
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I hope everyone had a very Happy Easter! =^^= Ours was very quiet as we celebrated with my family yesterday. So today after we attended church, we went out for a light lunch. Which unfortunately did not agree with my recently overly sensitive stomach, so I went without supper tonight because I just couldn't handle the idea of trying to eat anything else. Blech. This is what happens when you don't eat fast food often and then go to KFC. =^^=;;

Other random things, apparently a private group has almost finished translating "DRAMATICAL Murder," which is a BL game that has all the Tumblr girls in a tizzy right now. Though it looks really interesting, why is it that the games that I want to play never get translated? Oh that's right, its because I like the games featuring older gents or guys with facial hair. XD

LNchan and I will randomly start piecing together an SH project using our respective characters. I'm looking forward to it, I think it will be a lot of fun and give me a chance to flex my muscles. Her and I work really well together and it makes for easy and fun writing.

That's all for tonight, hoping to have something more interesting to post. Oh, I should also add that today I met a young man named Aaron who just moved into a town about ten miles away from me and attends my church. He looks like a cross between Johnny Depp and Viggo Mortenson. He wants to take me out next Friday. =^^=;; Ja ne!
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Have taken away my ability to think clearly. On the upside, I'm finding things way more humorous than I should be.

Getting a new set of acrylic nails tomorrow. Then will have to remember how I used to type with them.

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So I managed to download the Y!M last night. It looks quite a bit different from what I remember it and I had to disable a BUNCH of options like the emoticons, instant sign in, etc. Plus, I have to set up a major block list if I want to use it, because quite frankly, I only want to talk to LNchan on it. =^^=

Just watched a slew of Sherlock/Watson fan videos and realized about three of Sherlock's outfits can easily be done out of items I already own in my closet. Thanks to my virtually noexistant chest, with a simple sports bra, I can do quite a few of the wide open shirt with suspenders outfits he wears. Which means I'll have to start practicing on doing my "five o'clock shadow" makeup once again. I used to be pretty darn good at it when I used to dress as Jack.

Don't know if Nick is going to be with me long enough to be my Watson. However, one of my dear friends who could pull off a replica of Jude Law if he wanted too, may be willing to step in. He's been interested in cosplay for a few years but his husband often places it among the "kinky things" versus just a past time. In least I won't have to worry about anything getting frisky after a photoshoot with him.

That's about it for tonight. Planning to make some Sherlock and Sherlock/Holmes icons here pretty soon to go along with my new Hobbit ones. Until next time, ja ne! =~.^=V


Jan. 27th, 2013 08:52 pm
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After staving off the flu virus for almost three weeks due to peeps at work coming to the job infected, I fell under it's vicious grasp about 7 p.m. last night. Ended up vomiting about six times, had around a 100 degree fever and hurt so bad that I couldn't hardly move far enough out of the bed at my 'rents house to make it to the bathroom next door.

I'm back at my house now and though I feel pretty miserable still, in least I can function. In fact, I'll be heading to bed here in a few moments, I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Made a point of not mentioning it at all on FB, last thing I needed was Nick to make a whole drama thing out of it. Plus, I wasn't in the mood for it. =-.-=

'Rents and I watched the movie "Branded" tonight before I headed home. Complex film, boring as hell at the beginning but the last thirty minutes almost makes up for the overall lack of appeal. I give it two stars. I also saw that the studios are remaking the "Evil Dead" film into 3D. Is Bruce Campbell in the new film? And if he isn't, can they even remake the film because in my opinion, that's like sacreligious. (Yiss, my family and I are AVID Bruce Campbell supporters, he holds a special place in our hearts.)

Was thinking about making Fili's outfit but now I'm leaning toward Bofur's because I get to crochet a scarf, fingerless gloves and he wears a cool hat. That and I can carry a huge mining pick axe. Lionel's wig looks fantastic on him, he'll be my little "Thorin!"

Sincerely wish there was more Thorin/Fili fics out there versus Thorin/Kili. Also, wish that Fili was still the dom with Kili and even with Bofur. I can only see him being the uke when it comes to Thorin. I think with Thorin he's pretty much the uber seme with the exception of maybe Dwalin. Who IS the uber seme, no questions asked.

This was a wandering post. Random thing about tumblr, I still can't figure out why a person who doesn't want to read something like durincest would even be on the tag? I mean, you should know what you're getting into! Sheesh!

That's all for tonight!
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Had to make an emergency appointment to the chiropractor today when I realized I couldn't close my jaw correctly. A couple days ago I ended up tripping a little and ended up on my backside. At that moment I noticed that a piece of a filling had fallen out of my tooth.

Cue today. Apparently I had hit much harder than I had previously thought. Not only did I partially dislocate my right shoulder, I popped out a rib, twisted a couple vertebrae in my neck and apparently when I fell, I clacked my teeth together so hard without knowing, that I knocked said filling out.

I swear, I'm so used to pain that I don't even know when I'm ACTUALLY in pain any more.

On another note, I am going to see the dentist on the 31st. It's not only time to clean my teeth, but I want to get the filling fixed. And also have him check the screw in my jaw because frankly, it is still bothering the hell out of me.

Still on Hobbit!Fili kick. Still prefer him as Seme but will be swayed with Thorin if well written.
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Nick is being a real pain in the rear today. I wasn't able to go to work because I contracted a chest infection. I fortunately found someone to come in for me and the doctor prescribed me the same stuff he always does. Because I have asthma, I need to get those infections taken care of before they morph into asthmatic pneumonia.

All I did on FB was mention it as a side note, the main portion of the quick post being an update on my costume research of Fili's outfit he wears for the majority of the movie.

Cue the attitude.

I don't like to post personal things on my FB, I just don't. But I definitely got the impression he was looking for an arguement or a fight tonight. I stayed polite and simply explained what had happened and that I was just glad it wasn't the flu. Instead of just being pleased with that, he had to put his own two cents in about how he deals with as many people as I deal with, handles money and credit cards and NEVER has to deal with illness. So obviously my store wasn't handling the situation correctly.

::rolls eyes:: I'm actually aware of him having "fits" like this but since I didn't feel good today, it just irritated me right to the core.

Ugh, Men.
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What to say about '12? Not a whole lot. It was not the best year though I wouldn't disable it or ask it to go away.

I refound my love of journaling but here at DW where only LN (who I am also very glad to have back in my life) and a choice two or three others can see.

I have a "new" knee, something I needed desperately and it was worth all the painful physical therapy that I went through.

Got a new boyfriend and just as quickly, am watching him slip away. Bittersweet and stinging but not as painful and tragic as one would think.

I rediscovered my love of LotR, of The Hobbit, of my trips to Disney World and of my beautiful BJD, Lionel.

I saw my family fall on hard times and pull themselves up by the strings once again.

I fell out of love with Kpop and fell back in love with classical music.

I heard my youngest autistic nephew say his first full sentence.

There was snow where there wasn't any even though the rivers ran dry here.

All in all, 2012 had many low points, accented by high points.

And to quote my dearest LNchan, 2013, I have my eye on you. =^^=
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Because Tumblr is incredibly useful for sheer madness and an occassional funny, thought I would have to share my two current favorites. Don't know who made them but they made me chuckle. =^^=:: (Side note, really annoyed that Ycon has been put off until 2014. But, it does give me more time to save the moola.)

Hobbit Humor )

And that was Miry's Random post for tonight. I need to make Thorin, Fili, Kili, Bofur and Bilbo icons. XD
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Well, Nick took me to "Beauty and the Beast" on Broadway, the final performance in Rapid City last night. It was so gorgeous, I cried twice. I've wanted to see that on stage since it became a broadway show, so that was a very big deal for me!

On a bit of a low end, unfortunately Nick has become "friends" with his ex-girlfriend again and she's a REAL piece of work. I even commented to Mum and Pop that I would be suprised if within the next couple months he wants to "just be friends" with me again. Which I'm cool with too if we go that direction. The only creepy thing about it is she's banged like six of his friend already, four guys and two girls. Blech. But we'll see how it goes.

In better news, he did give me some other presents besides the Broadway Show tickets. He got me the "Escape the Spiders of Mirkwood" Hobbit lego set. And at NDK, he bought me two pairs of Angelic Pretty socks and an AP ring. (I sent him $ for that.) And he surprised me with this cute little custom badge he had made for me.

Dah Badge )

He thought it was very fitting for us. Then he told me he probably couldn't go to Ycon next year. Though I understand that one, he's flying to Germany to go to his grandmother's 80th birthday.

Well, that's all for now, it was an "interesting" night so we'll just have to see where it goes from there!
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So once in a while a BL game will come out that peaks my interest enough that I am willing to see if I can buy it and wade through it with my pathetic Japanese skills.

Terin no Guneval may in fact be that game.

Ojisan styled main character? Check. Character has facial hair? Check. Older man? Check. Actual interesting looking game play? Double check.

Oi, but trying to find a copy will be a joy. However, I already have an uber game crush on the main character, nicknamed "Whizz."


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