Feb. 5th, 2013 06:54 pm
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Why don't I own more junk with Deadpool on it? I don't even own a t-shirt but I do want the little Lego version of him.

I think it was very funny on Tumblr when someone made a comment about Deadpool not being bisexual. Flash forward to a recent issue where one of the Marvel ladies had to check his mind to look for a secret.

What did she come up with?

Deadpool was dreaming about being on a secluded beach with Cable wearing nothing but speedos and rubbing lotion into Cable's very strong and firm back.

Take that! said the Marvel artists.

Score one for Marvel!

And let us not forget the famous few panels of Spidey rescuing DP and DP's got little hearts floating over his head and is wearing a very tiny lolita dress over his body suit. =^^=

And that's my random stream of thought today after all the equipment deciding to go down at the same time at work today.
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Because LNchan suggesting that I draw the "Manguish" comment was way too funny to pass up. Scribbled it and inked in about fifteen minutes. Hope you like it, love!

Dah Manguish Comix )
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Having visited one of my favorite on-line illustrators, she introduced me to a new word via her hilarious Tony Stark comic of him spazzing out and then angsting.

It is now called "Manguish."

I will use it in reference to every whiny male I meet from here on in.


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