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Because I know she's been having a really up and down past few days, so what better distraction than our two boyz sharing a very passionate and unexpected kiss?

To the Johnlock! )

Here's to a bright spot in the day, love!
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I ended up going to the doctor yesterday and found out I had what I suspected. Strep Throat. I had managed the whole year without getting it and thought perhaps I would bypass it this year, since we've moved out of the "season" for it.

Low and behold, it reared it's ugly head. So annoyed I can hardly stand it. I've also lost my voice. I was fortunate that work let me leave very early today, I was pretty useless trying to answer the phone. =^^=;;

Sherlock musings, I'm debating if I want to do a secondary Sherlock outfit, more of a closet cosplay? I was thinking about doing his white button up shirt, pinstripe pants and suspenders? Like what he wears when he's messing around with his violin. Or maybe the dressing jacket from the first movie when his beloved Watson throws open the curtains on him? Seems like it would be a bit fun to do.

Randomly debating if I want to delve a bit into RPS writing again and do a bit of RDJude. It would just be here at DW basically for LNchan and I to get a chuckle out of. =~.^= Oh, and I've been making small animated icons from Sherlock. They've been a bit of a trick but fun to make!

And that's all for tonight, ja ne for now! =~.^=V
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RDJude used to be epically popular on Tumblr. They were the it "semi-fictional" OTP. (It's hard to say they are a fictional couple because they come off as being too real of a couple.)

But now the news that this month Jude and Robert are supposed to meet to talk about Sherlock Holmes 3 and look over the script. I cannot describe the level of happy I'm feeling as the RDJude tag has come alive once again!

Oh, and a very cute comment from Jude, "And here Robert is off saving the world. What does he expect me to do? Wait at home and knit?"

I have to find my navy blue cordouroy for my Sherlock jacket and then some round sunglass style spectacles and I'll have the initial design done and ready for permiere after the jacket is finished. I may or may not have a Watson but who cares?!


This random moment has been brought to you by the rare public moments of fangirling that I some times do.
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Well, Nick took me to "Beauty and the Beast" on Broadway, the final performance in Rapid City last night. It was so gorgeous, I cried twice. I've wanted to see that on stage since it became a broadway show, so that was a very big deal for me!

On a bit of a low end, unfortunately Nick has become "friends" with his ex-girlfriend again and she's a REAL piece of work. I even commented to Mum and Pop that I would be suprised if within the next couple months he wants to "just be friends" with me again. Which I'm cool with too if we go that direction. The only creepy thing about it is she's banged like six of his friend already, four guys and two girls. Blech. But we'll see how it goes.

In better news, he did give me some other presents besides the Broadway Show tickets. He got me the "Escape the Spiders of Mirkwood" Hobbit lego set. And at NDK, he bought me two pairs of Angelic Pretty socks and an AP ring. (I sent him $ for that.) And he surprised me with this cute little custom badge he had made for me.

Dah Badge )

He thought it was very fitting for us. Then he told me he probably couldn't go to Ycon next year. Though I understand that one, he's flying to Germany to go to his grandmother's 80th birthday.

Well, that's all for now, it was an "interesting" night so we'll just have to see where it goes from there!


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