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It was definitely not what I was expecting. Quite honestly, I wasn't even sure what I was expecting.

But I really did like it. I saw it in 3D and it was a bit intense to begin with but my eyes did adjust.

As usual, I had TONS of ThorKi feels but that is general with me.

But a couple moments in there made me think if they had replaced Jane with Tony Stark, the hitherto unknown yet uber sexy pairing of ThunderIron would be witnessed.

Plus, there was one very funny sequence that I want to turn into a fan art featuring those two and maybe Jarvis in the back.

Overall, a rollicking good time!
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Since LNchan and I were talking about 'bot fics and the fact that I think she writes some of the best ones around, I was playing around with what I think JARVIS would look like if he had a human projection of himself.

LNchan was brilliant in suggesting that Tony would model JARVIS after himself in appearance because he's just that egotistical. (And we love him for that!) So I used that idea and crossed it with how RDJ looked as "Kirk Lazarus" in "Tropic Thunder."

I ended up with a white, wavy haired man with a white goatee and pupiless vibrant blue eyes since that's where his "programming" would be viewable from. Then came the tongue-in-cheek humor. I will never be able to write a Tony/JARVIS fic without laughing now. So, onto the art!


All done with a blue ink pen at work today. The insanity continues!
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Konbanwa, minnasan, it was quite a day for me today. I made arrangements last night to be gone for today and tomorrow as I fight my battle with a nasty cold I got. Cue getting called at 5:30 in the morning because the other price coordinator suddenly called in "sick" even though she knew I was ill last night. Needless to say, I was pulled out of a deep sleep and informed my poor coworker that I could not come in, I really was too sick to even get out of bed. She called me back a bit later and said that our boss was going to come in and take care of it. What the price coordinator didn't realize is that I had spoken to my boss yesterday and he knew I was going to be gone. Score one for me for thinking ahead!

But enough about whining about work, I was scrolling through Tumblr collecting bits and pieces for my Marvel image collection and then realized that I didn't have a whole lot of stuff with Daken (Akihiro) on them. So a "tumblin'" I went.

I like Daken. I really, really, REALLY do. I know some of my comic friends state its because he's covered in tattoos and the fact that he's blatantly bisexual. Yes, those are bonus points but I liked him because he's manipulative, cruel and dowright EVIL. And *SPOILER*, I thought the way he died was really sucky and downplayed what a vital component he was during the whole "Dark Avengers" arc. (Mind you, I don't have all the issues and probably never will even if I tried.)

But aside from that, Daken to me seemed like the most realistic of all Marvel villians. Yeah, he had "Daddy" issues when it came to Wolverine big time. But there were times that he seemed sincerely concerned about the welfare of others. Even if for a flitting moment.

And aside from his metal claws he inherited from his pop, he had a very unique style and appearance that is all his own. He can rock a suit, being shirtless or putting on the "Dark Wolverine" costume and it all looks awesome.

Plus, he has the ability to manipulate his pheremones as a lovely website pointed out, which allows him to be utterly alluring to both genders and perhaps some alien lifeforms. He doesn't seem to have an issue with all three.

So bonus points to Daken, you were a villianous superstar and I hope that in the future, Marvel resurrects and uses you again.

In the mean time, let us appreciate all the fine boyz you managed to snag during your run. We have your "inferred" relationship with Norman Osbourne of "Spidey" fame. We have you hitting on Venom. We have you hitting on Ares. We have you hitting on The Thing. We have you not only hitting on Fantastic 4 Johnny, but coming to his apartment, sneaking in and putting on his clothes before playing all shy and cute with him. We have you making out with Bullseye and my personal favorite, we have you exchanging pheremone signatures with Remy. (Why the hell didn't that go somewhere faster?)

And pics, because I can.

Daken Being Daken )

Now I'm hankering for Daken/Remy. Why must I always like the hard to come by pairings! =;.;=
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Because LNchan was a darling and sent me all my missing RPs, I was able to garner a lot of inspiration from them as well as the X-treme X-men comic panels I've managed to scrounge. It ended up being James (Logan)/Kurt this time. Also, a bit tricky since Kurt is like 12 in this version of X-men, so it verged a bit on the shota side but I made sure it didn't get too graphic. =^^=;;

On to the Art )

That's all for now, minnasan, ja ne! =~.^=V
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Happy Valentine's Day, minnasan, I hope it was a lovely one! Mum and Pop surprised me by taking me out for dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant. Just got back from that. And though it is a bit shaky still, seems like Nick and I might be trying to actually make a go of it. (In least, that's what his mum Rose is really hoping. She hasn't physically met me but seems to already adore me. =^^=;;) We're exchanging Valentine's later this month.

And now for Bravo to Marvel. Once again you have outdone yourself with your X-treme X-men series. You pushed the boundaries and what made it fantastic was how accepting the fans were of this alternative universe you set up for the short issue run. Unfortunately, where I live, the comic book store only cares a minimum, they are more DC fans I think than anything. Yes, DC, you did a good attempt with the alternative Green Lantern storyline but I'm afraid Marvel trumped you.

Let's here it for the most wonderfully drawn and heavily charged panel in the X-treme X-men arsenal.

 photo herwolv1_zps3b5bc7ca.jpg

Just the way I like my couples. Big, musclebound, hairy and involving Wolverine. And apparently Wolverine likes his men taller, aka why he is groping on his Hercules.

Bravo again, Marvel. Not only were the fans super accepting of the Herc/Wolvie couple, but many of them have stated their blatant approval of this pairing. Too bad it was for only an alternative short run storyline. =;.;=

And that's all the rambling for today! As my precious LNchan stated, 1/2 off chocolate tomorrow!


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