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So I just read a post from TheOneRing.net, and apparently Viggo may or may not be reprising his role as Aragorn (in this case as Strider) when they do some shots in Bree shortly before he has his small adventure hunting for Gollum.

It is potentially going to be done to interlock The Hobbit series with The Lord of the Rings series which would make Aragorn in his early twenties. But most peeps wouldn't probably know that and if they slip it in that he's hunting for Gollum, that would put him at the age he is during the first LotR movie.

If this is true, I will have to stick a shirt hem in my mouth to keep from squealing at the movie.

Add that to the fact that a portion of Thor 2 is occurring in Greenwich Village and a certain Doctor Stephen Strange lives in said Village and the rumors have been flying that Mr. Mortenson is up for that role, I may die an extremely happy fangirl by the end of this year.

Randomly, haven't decided if I want to do a Sherlock/Watson story or a Tony/Jarvis story. But now I want to work on a new LotR doujinshi!
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So I've been throwing around the concept of starting a new doujinshi and having it be an Aragorn/Faramir/Eomer love triangle kind of idea. A little angsty with a very confused Faramir because let's face it, he's best when he's confused and forlorn.

I want Aragorn to obviously be a seme with Faramir as the uke. But with Eomer, I think he could go either way. Like uke with the good King and Seme with the young prince.

Either way, this oculd be an epic storyline. I did do an intial drawing to see if I like the general idea. So far I think I could roll pretty easy with it.

Or I could just scribble it down into a multi-chaptered storyline for LNchan and I to geek on over here.

We'll have to see, ne?


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