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And since work today was literally nothing short of "hell on earth" and if I had to hear the phrase, "Are you busy right now?" one more time while I was doing 4 jobs at the same time, I thought I would scream and run away.

I think my job thinks I'm a real life Jarvis. Sure as heck felt like I needed to be one today.

Nonetheless, two days off, so I'm leading into the weekend with my fave Iron Man/Avengers pairing!

Onto the Tony/Jarvis Joy! )
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And more Ficlet Musings featuring Tony and Jarvis only this time. Woot!

FICLET: "Take a Picture"
AUTHOR: Miracle Shining
GENRE: Romance
LEGAL JUNK: Don't Own, So Sad.
SUMMARY: Tony wants to take a picture with Jarvis' visible form.


"You're going to have to try and smile, Jarvis."

"Sir, is this really necessary?"

"Prosperity requires visual evidence!"

"Yes, sir."

Tony slid his fingers across the virtual screen in front of him, making use of the camera options to catch Jarvis' form at all angles. Pausing for a moment, he slipped on his Interaction Gloves and bounced to the center where Jarvis was visible.


"What, you think I would let an opportunity to get photographed pass by?"

"Of course not."

"Smile, Jarvis."

"This is difficult."

"Here, look at me."

Jarvis turned his arc colored eyes to observe Tony's upturned lips. He tried to mimic the movement but seemed incapable.

"Okay, we're going to have to make this a little more accessible to you, buddy."

"And how do you propose..."

Before Jarvis could finish, Tony gripped his shoulders and pressed a firm, solid kiss against the other's mouth. When he drew back slowly, Jarvis reached up his fingers to touch, feeling real sensation for the first time.

In a mere moment, the white haired other's mouth corners arched upwards, just a sliver of tooth visible.

"Now, that's what I'm looking for."

Tony snapped his fingers and a dozen different cameras at different angles caught Jarvis' tiny smile.

"Okay, now lets move onto the next expression."

"Next one, sir?"

"I'm thinking that 'trapped in the throws of passion' would be a good one."

Jarvis just shook his head slightly but still leaned against Tony, which made him take out his cell phone and snap his own picture of them.

After all, he needed to take his love's face with him everywhere he went.
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I was on the Science Boyfriends tag on Tumblr. This was the result. =^^=

FICLET: "Take a Breath"
AUTHOR: Miracle Shining
GENRE: Friendship/Romance/Angst
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Don't Own, So Sad.
SUMMARY: Tony watches Bruce and Jarvis and feels conflicted.


He shouldn't feel like his stomach is dropping into his toes but somehow he does. The sensation sits at the pit of his gut and swirls making him lightheaded.

Tony had purposely given Bruce his Interaction Gloves so that he could see what is was like to touch Jarvis's newly visible form. He was beyond proud of both creations and could think of noone else that would truly appreciate the astounding accomplishment more than his friend.

But now he watches as Bruce reaches up and curiously touches Jarvis' ghost white hair, head inclining to the side. Jarvis' reactor colored pupiless blue eyes also observe Bruce and he mimics the gesture, moving a curl across Bruce's forehead.

Jarvis is smiling at Bruce.

Tony doesn't remember giving Jarvis that option unless Jarvis was looking at him.

Bruce is smiling back at Jarvis.

Tony doesn't remember Bruce ever looking at him like that.

But seeing them together makes the swirling in his stomach ache in a different way as the two continue to gaze at each other, making light brushes of fingers and curious glances of their forms.

Tony sees too much potential, too much desire.

He sees himself trapped between them, heat and intelligence and fire, and all Tony can do to keep from trembling from the visual image is to dig his nails into his palms. Jarvis and Bruce glance over to their silent partner, heads tilted in almost the same manner.

And Tony finally takes a breath.
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Happy Mother's Day today! For those of you who have mum or are mum's, I hope that it was a lovely day! I got my mum a card and a new Hydrangea plant I've been tending too. Now she has to take it to her office tomorrow because of her cats keeps trying to eat it. =^^=;;

In the mean time, here are the next two pages of my "Satan's Alley" doujinshi as well as a bonus doodle of Tony and Jarvis. (Thanks to me, my Sissy is now into supporting Tony and Jarvis together. XD)

Enjoy! =~.^=V

Whispers by the Sea~Pages 6-7 )

Hee-hee, lets here it for Jarvis!
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It was one hell of a day at work. My back hurts, my feet hurts and I struggled with a migraine the whole day. I just have to keep telling myself that I have one more day tomorrow and then a day off. Then back to work on Monday. But it will be nice to actually spend Mother's Day with my mum, so I will take having to return back to work on Monday in exchange for Sunday off.

On a random note, some times it's the little things that make the day better. I opened up a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper to take with my migraine medicine and found out that I won a free movie rental from Redbox. So hey, free movie! =^^=

Because of the busy of the day, I didn't get much doodling done like the past couple days. I did manage one JARVIS based one after LNchan left a little niggling idea in the back of my head if Tony would be jealous if Jarvis would pay attention to someone else other than him. The other doodle is of my cosplay. I think Sei is such a fantastic character and I tried to capture a few of her different expressions as best as I could in the up close sketches.

On to the Doodles! )

That's it for today, maybe I'll have a few more tomorrow! Oh, and I finished inking in page 7 of the "Satan's Alley" doujinshi. Three more pages to go and it will be finished! Woot! =^^=V
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Well, it was one hell of a day at work today. Once again, I was piled on with three more jobs I didn't really have time to do, yet amazingly enough, still managed to finish within the noted time frame. I swear, I truly think they believe I'm the human version of the Energizer Bunny or something. =-.-=

Also, bought the fabric for my single cosplay I'll be wearing for the one day I'll be attending SoDak Con next month. Only reason I'm going is to see a couple friends that are coming up from Colorado and I'm getting interviewed for a cosplay book that will be published in the states in October, I believe? I'm getting to know the girl writing it, she's an accomplished cosplayer and is very sweet. I opted for an semi-unusual choice just because I don't think many people will either know my character or just may be fearful to approach me. I'm doing "Sei Kurosawa," the villainess from the horror survival PS game "Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly." In a nutshell, pure white kimono splattered in blood. Good times to be had by all. XD

Past that ramblings, I've done even more JARVIS doodles because I am falling in love with the idea of Tony having his "secret" passionate affair with his system. XD Oh, and Science Boyfriends to throw in there too because I was feeling a bit angsty when I drew it.


Dah Doodles )

That's it for today! =~.^=V
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Absolutely loved watching Iron Man 3 last night. Because of some miscommunication with our theatre's website, when K and I got there, we thought there was only seats available for the 2D showing. Low and behold, they didn't publish the fact that the 3D had WAY more space available, so we got to see it in 3D with a limited amount of other peeps.

Overall, loved, loved, LOVED the film. Smartly written, fast paced, EXCELLENT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, and still holding to the initial IM charm.

Now, as LNchan stated, Haters are going to Hate. Because of these particular individuals, it has become harder and harder for me to even want to go to conventions or step foot into the comic book store. It annoys me so much in fact that I often send Nick in and then when I visit Rapid, I get it then.

I rather enjoyed the wrap-up of the movie and for those who don't know, yes Tony does get his Arc Reactor back in the later serials. However, I really enjoyed how RDJ played it out. Will he be back? Who knows but recently he was interviewed commenting that he would be thrilled if he and his fellow actors could make 17 IM movies. I know right now though he wants to get back to working with Jude Law and make a new Sherlock film, which I give the massive high five too!

And of course, let us not forget the love that is Science Boyfriends at the very, very end. Mark Ruffalo and RDJ together are a squishy, cuddly, self contained and confused adorable mess of a duo.

And I still think one of them should have been eating gummy worms.
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Because LNchan suggesting that I draw the "Manguish" comment was way too funny to pass up. Scribbled it and inked in about fifteen minutes. Hope you like it, love!

Dah Manguish Comix )
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Having visited one of my favorite on-line illustrators, she introduced me to a new word via her hilarious Tony Stark comic of him spazzing out and then angsting.

It is now called "Manguish."

I will use it in reference to every whiny male I meet from here on in.


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