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Because this video makes me all melty and romantic.

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I am beginning to REALLY appreciate Tumblr for everything that I've been able to find on it. And I'm happy I have this DW to share it on, mostly because next to no one has any access to it, and those that do I know are as much as a froot loop about LotR as I am.

So I found this GORGEOUS Boromir X Faramir fan video, but it's actually very sad, so be forewarned.

Then there are a few images and .gifs that have major inspiration ideas floating in them. Check them out!

Dah Video and Images This Way! )
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Because I was REALLY missing this pairing recently and sat and watched "On Stranger Tides" a little while back. And though I do enjoy that movie, far better than the two sequels after "Curse," I did miss the interaction of Jack and Will. It just seemed to be lacking some magic that the duo had together.

So to make up for that, I'm spamming Spurner vids! Enjoy!

This vid always makes me a little mushy, especially the beginning. =^^=;;

I've always been a fan of "Toad the Wet Sprocket" and this is one of their lesser known songs that fit the Jack/Will OTP to the tee. Bonus points, wait for the very end of the video!

And for me, my ABSOLUTE fave video of them. The Calling's song is just so moving!

And now, for my dear, LNchan, an added bonus! I finally feel like I'm getting my feel back for drawing doujinshi and here was a prequel idea that I thought you would like!

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