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And more Ficlet Musings featuring Tony and Jarvis only this time. Woot!

FICLET: "Take a Picture"
AUTHOR: Miracle Shining
GENRE: Romance
LEGAL JUNK: Don't Own, So Sad.
SUMMARY: Tony wants to take a picture with Jarvis' visible form.


"You're going to have to try and smile, Jarvis."

"Sir, is this really necessary?"

"Prosperity requires visual evidence!"

"Yes, sir."

Tony slid his fingers across the virtual screen in front of him, making use of the camera options to catch Jarvis' form at all angles. Pausing for a moment, he slipped on his Interaction Gloves and bounced to the center where Jarvis was visible.


"What, you think I would let an opportunity to get photographed pass by?"

"Of course not."

"Smile, Jarvis."

"This is difficult."

"Here, look at me."

Jarvis turned his arc colored eyes to observe Tony's upturned lips. He tried to mimic the movement but seemed incapable.

"Okay, we're going to have to make this a little more accessible to you, buddy."

"And how do you propose..."

Before Jarvis could finish, Tony gripped his shoulders and pressed a firm, solid kiss against the other's mouth. When he drew back slowly, Jarvis reached up his fingers to touch, feeling real sensation for the first time.

In a mere moment, the white haired other's mouth corners arched upwards, just a sliver of tooth visible.

"Now, that's what I'm looking for."

Tony snapped his fingers and a dozen different cameras at different angles caught Jarvis' tiny smile.

"Okay, now lets move onto the next expression."

"Next one, sir?"

"I'm thinking that 'trapped in the throws of passion' would be a good one."

Jarvis just shook his head slightly but still leaned against Tony, which made him take out his cell phone and snap his own picture of them.

After all, he needed to take his love's face with him everywhere he went.
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I was on the Science Boyfriends tag on Tumblr. This was the result. =^^=

FICLET: "Take a Breath"
AUTHOR: Miracle Shining
GENRE: Friendship/Romance/Angst
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Don't Own, So Sad.
SUMMARY: Tony watches Bruce and Jarvis and feels conflicted.


He shouldn't feel like his stomach is dropping into his toes but somehow he does. The sensation sits at the pit of his gut and swirls making him lightheaded.

Tony had purposely given Bruce his Interaction Gloves so that he could see what is was like to touch Jarvis's newly visible form. He was beyond proud of both creations and could think of noone else that would truly appreciate the astounding accomplishment more than his friend.

But now he watches as Bruce reaches up and curiously touches Jarvis' ghost white hair, head inclining to the side. Jarvis' reactor colored pupiless blue eyes also observe Bruce and he mimics the gesture, moving a curl across Bruce's forehead.

Jarvis is smiling at Bruce.

Tony doesn't remember giving Jarvis that option unless Jarvis was looking at him.

Bruce is smiling back at Jarvis.

Tony doesn't remember Bruce ever looking at him like that.

But seeing them together makes the swirling in his stomach ache in a different way as the two continue to gaze at each other, making light brushes of fingers and curious glances of their forms.

Tony sees too much potential, too much desire.

He sees himself trapped between them, heat and intelligence and fire, and all Tony can do to keep from trembling from the visual image is to dig his nails into his palms. Jarvis and Bruce glance over to their silent partner, heads tilted in almost the same manner.

And Tony finally takes a breath.


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