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Fortunately it seems that the leak I had in my roof has been taken care of. I'm actually staying at my 'rents house tonight as I'm housesitting since they're still in Colorado until tomorrow afternoon.

I've gotten a nice reaction to the whole "Satan's Alley" doujinshi. I didn't realize how many peeps want the storyline expanded. I'm contemplating about using the idea of the "torn back/scars" that LNchan and I have discussed and formulating that into a secondary story idea. It would once again have limited speaking, mostly from Connell, but I would be able to finally give O'Malley more dialogue including a small speaking role like it was in the first story.

Rambling aside, I feel like I'm at a bit of a crossroads at the moment. Everyone has been showing me new anime and manga and nothing has interested me. I still watch "Aikatsu" simply because I think it's cute and that's about it. Alot of yaoi pairings have lost all interest to me and if I have one more person push "Homestuck" on me, I think I will leave Tumblr permanently. That being said, I downloaded the Tumblr Savior on my home PC which now thankfully blocks out about 90% of Homestuck related posts. =-.-= One can only stand so much about a pixelated 8-bit comic world without getting a little nauseous thinking about it.

Robert Downey Jr., Kirk Lazarus and Jude Law. Let's make this a smutty, angsty, painful, beautiful thing, ne? Now THERE'S a comic idea!
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So I just read a post from TheOneRing.net, and apparently Viggo may or may not be reprising his role as Aragorn (in this case as Strider) when they do some shots in Bree shortly before he has his small adventure hunting for Gollum.

It is potentially going to be done to interlock The Hobbit series with The Lord of the Rings series which would make Aragorn in his early twenties. But most peeps wouldn't probably know that and if they slip it in that he's hunting for Gollum, that would put him at the age he is during the first LotR movie.

If this is true, I will have to stick a shirt hem in my mouth to keep from squealing at the movie.

Add that to the fact that a portion of Thor 2 is occurring in Greenwich Village and a certain Doctor Stephen Strange lives in said Village and the rumors have been flying that Mr. Mortenson is up for that role, I may die an extremely happy fangirl by the end of this year.

Randomly, haven't decided if I want to do a Sherlock/Watson story or a Tony/Jarvis story. But now I want to work on a new LotR doujinshi!
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So today after a trying day of my work's computer system deciding that it was going to work when it darn well felt like it, I came home feeling restless.

This often results in me being super busy or very inspired.

Actually, both happened today.

I cut out my kimono pattern for Sei's outfit today and my wig arrived in the mail, so my cosplay is officially off and running! Woot!

And, the big news is that I finished the last page of the "Satan's Alley" doujinshi. I'm very proud of this being that the only two truly spoken lines occur on page 8 and page 9. Now to work on my Omake koma panel comic to go with it. Can't decide what I want the next story for the RDJ book to be, I'll have to think on it for a while. Oh, and I'm going to post at the bottom and extra SA doodle and a random pic I did of Captain Hook because I like it.


Whispers by the Sea (Pages 8-10) )
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I'm happy to say though I was more than grateful and glad to stay at my 'rents house, I am back in my own place with almost everything I need moved into my brand new master bedroom. The room used to be the family den so it's double the size of my "old" master bedroom which used to be my parents' room.

I'm so ridiculously excited to actually have room to stand in the middle of the floor and not trip over a bookshelf or misplaced binder. =^^=;;

Plus, I got two koma strips printed out on my store computer to place in between doujinshi stories. It's a joke about Robert and Tobey finding out about "Satan's Alley" fan fiction. I'll be doing those with chibi/SD styled charas of them. And yiss, looks like I'll have enough stories to put together a whole RDJ mini fanbook that I hope I can manage to figure out how to get printed on my printer. We'll see, ne?

That's all for tonight! I best be heading off to my new room and start putting books on the shelves! Woot!
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Happy Mother's Day today! For those of you who have mum or are mum's, I hope that it was a lovely day! I got my mum a card and a new Hydrangea plant I've been tending too. Now she has to take it to her office tomorrow because of her cats keeps trying to eat it. =^^=;;

In the mean time, here are the next two pages of my "Satan's Alley" doujinshi as well as a bonus doodle of Tony and Jarvis. (Thanks to me, my Sissy is now into supporting Tony and Jarvis together. XD)

Enjoy! =~.^=V

Whispers by the Sea~Pages 6-7 )

Hee-hee, lets here it for Jarvis!
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Because my lovely LNchan requested it, here are pages 1-5 of the current doujinshi based after a film that doesn't exist, yet I am sure would have had an EPIC storyline. Hope you enjoy, my dear!

Whispers by the Sea~Pages 1-5 )

There is purposely very little text in this because the characters are supposed to be sworn to silence monks so I used that to my advantage. Also, I liked using the whole Gothic type for their speech. XD
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So in a nutshell I've just finished inking the fourth page of the doujinshi. Like I said, in the beginning this was a joke. But now I'm really digging the small storyline I've set up. Since we know nothing of the film because it never existed, this is a bit fun to work with because in all essence it is a blank canvas.

The fourth page is the first time there is any spoken dialect and only one word is said. After all, they are supposed to be monks sworn to silence. I tried to make that obvious in just their facial expressions in the first three pages. As I continue, there will still be limited dialogue. Makes me wish seriously this was a real film because there could be such incredible acting done in it.

Alas, we'll just have to run with this storyline for now. XD

Also, I'm planning to sell a portion of my lolita wardrobe. Some of the items I haven't worn in years and some I just don't care for any more. I'm converting to a more Otome Kei style and the huge petticoat required dresses just aren't my digs any more.

Until next time, ja ne! =~.^=V
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At first I was semi-joking about making the whole "Satan's Alley" doujinshi, but then I was playing around with some panels and text styles on my work's computer and randomly came up with the first three panels of page one. Then I drew in the first three panels. Then I set up the next three pages panels, including one containing minimal spoken text without any current illustrations.

What kind of hole have I fallen into? =^^=;;

Anyhoo, here's the page that I have. It's quite a bit smaller than the original copy and I do have the ability to do computer generated shading but I'm just not feeling it at the moment. Maybe in the future, ne?

Dah Doujinshi Page! )
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And I have no shame about it.

I am in the midst of working on the first page of a doujinshi about a fictional movie. 'Cuz I mean, c'mon! When are we ever going to get something as searing and hot as the fake "Satan's Alley?" It just isn't going to happen!

So I'm going to pretend it did and use free writer and art skills and make a short doujinshi. Because I can.

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Because I was REALLY missing this pairing recently and sat and watched "On Stranger Tides" a little while back. And though I do enjoy that movie, far better than the two sequels after "Curse," I did miss the interaction of Jack and Will. It just seemed to be lacking some magic that the duo had together.

So to make up for that, I'm spamming Spurner vids! Enjoy!

This vid always makes me a little mushy, especially the beginning. =^^=;;

I've always been a fan of "Toad the Wet Sprocket" and this is one of their lesser known songs that fit the Jack/Will OTP to the tee. Bonus points, wait for the very end of the video!

And for me, my ABSOLUTE fave video of them. The Calling's song is just so moving!

And now, for my dear, LNchan, an added bonus! I finally feel like I'm getting my feel back for drawing doujinshi and here was a prequel idea that I thought you would like!

LotR OT3! )
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So I've been throwing around the concept of starting a new doujinshi and having it be an Aragorn/Faramir/Eomer love triangle kind of idea. A little angsty with a very confused Faramir because let's face it, he's best when he's confused and forlorn.

I want Aragorn to obviously be a seme with Faramir as the uke. But with Eomer, I think he could go either way. Like uke with the good King and Seme with the young prince.

Either way, this oculd be an epic storyline. I did do an intial drawing to see if I like the general idea. So far I think I could roll pretty easy with it.

Or I could just scribble it down into a multi-chaptered storyline for LNchan and I to geek on over here.

We'll have to see, ne?


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