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Just got back from the cinema with K and I'm still in a bit of awe over seeing the new "Hobbit" film. Having noted that...


RATING: Four Stars!
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It was definitely not what I was expecting. Quite honestly, I wasn't even sure what I was expecting.

But I really did like it. I saw it in 3D and it was a bit intense to begin with but my eyes did adjust.

As usual, I had TONS of ThorKi feels but that is general with me.

But a couple moments in there made me think if they had replaced Jane with Tony Stark, the hitherto unknown yet uber sexy pairing of ThunderIron would be witnessed.

Plus, there was one very funny sequence that I want to turn into a fan art featuring those two and maybe Jarvis in the back.

Overall, a rollicking good time!
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I wasn't a bit fan of the first G.I. Joe, having only seen bits and pieces but I really liked the cartoon, my fave two being Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Both were main characters in this movie. (And might I add that Storm was portrayed by one of my favorite actors, Lee Byunghun?)

That being said, it was a pretty rollicking good movie with lots of explosions, a really awesomely strong female characters and The Rock, which is always a bonus.

Random note, I am not ashamed to admit I ship Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Hell, I think I did that when I was like eight! XD
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I saw "Van Helsing" this afternoon while nursing my injured knee. I forgot how much I loved that movie!

I also forgot how much I loved the Gabriel (Van Helsing) X Carl pairing. I miss that Japanese website I used to visit for that kind of fanart. Hugh Jackman x David Wenham? Why yes, don't mind if I do!


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