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In my group of friends around here, I know I'm the peculiar one because I have always liked playing Dating Sims. I think they're actually really fun and some of them have some very good storylines.

I haven't delved into the world of Otome Games though. The boys are BISHONEN to the extreme and yes it is fun to have a very sexy game. But I tend to relate that to the few Japanese BL games I've played versus any Het ones. Not saying that they wouldn't be fun.

I have one currently for the DS called Princess Debut I've yet to play. Unlike an Otome Game, it comes with a very G rating and I got it as a Christmas present since I'm the family's "Princess" last year.

Right now, the Otome Game Girls are all alight about "Dandelion," which has apparently been translated. I saw some screen shots and I think I would rather play some of the games that Yuu Higuri illustrated for.

On another random note, I did try the Amaretto Nondairy Creamer in my Chai today. I give it two and half stars. Wasn't as strong as I would have liked but definitely wasn't as sweet. Current flavor I prefer is Chai Latte made with Soy Milk and a shot of Caramel. HEAVEN!
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And the general weirdness that followed buying said issue. I brought up two copies to purchase and my coworker looks at them both and makes a cute comment about how pretty all the men are. (Which they are.) Then follows up with proof that noone in my store knows how a collector's brain works.

C: Are you giving someone one of these?
M: No, they're both mine.
C: Why two?
M: There are posters in the magazine and I want a copy I can take them out of and one copy to leave in pristine condition.
C: .....okay....

=-.-= And thus I reaffirmed once again that I am the only one in that store who is that Geeky. But in a way, its a good thing, ne?

Deciding if I want to try a different nondairy creamer in my chai latte tomorrow. I tried Hazelnut a couple days ago and it was way too sweet. I'm wondering if the Amaretto would be good?


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