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So once in a while a BL game will come out that peaks my interest enough that I am willing to see if I can buy it and wade through it with my pathetic Japanese skills.

Terin no Guneval may in fact be that game.

Ojisan styled main character? Check. Character has facial hair? Check. Older man? Check. Actual interesting looking game play? Double check.

Oi, but trying to find a copy will be a joy. However, I already have an uber game crush on the main character, nicknamed "Whizz."
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In my group of friends around here, I know I'm the peculiar one because I have always liked playing Dating Sims. I think they're actually really fun and some of them have some very good storylines.

I haven't delved into the world of Otome Games though. The boys are BISHONEN to the extreme and yes it is fun to have a very sexy game. But I tend to relate that to the few Japanese BL games I've played versus any Het ones. Not saying that they wouldn't be fun.

I have one currently for the DS called Princess Debut I've yet to play. Unlike an Otome Game, it comes with a very G rating and I got it as a Christmas present since I'm the family's "Princess" last year.

Right now, the Otome Game Girls are all alight about "Dandelion," which has apparently been translated. I saw some screen shots and I think I would rather play some of the games that Yuu Higuri illustrated for.

On another random note, I did try the Amaretto Nondairy Creamer in my Chai today. I give it two and half stars. Wasn't as strong as I would have liked but definitely wasn't as sweet. Current flavor I prefer is Chai Latte made with Soy Milk and a shot of Caramel. HEAVEN!


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