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For those of you who don't know, my current half of the state has been blanketed by one of the biggest rain clouds we've had in a very long time. Mid to late May is not a normal time for rain but there has been a very bad drought for almost 7 years so I am not objecting to the moisture.

I am, however, objecting to waking up at a quarter to six this morning with a steady stream of water plummeting from my ceiling in my new bedroom to my carpeted floor. Thankfully it was only one spot and I did manage to get a bucket underneath said leak. Also, a real blessing was that the leak is nowhere near any of my furniture and misses my bed all together. I still think I may have to sleep on the couch tonight because I can't stand the sound of water "plinking" into a container. =-.-=

In other news, I finished drawing and inking the next page of the SA doujinshi. I just have to erase the pencil marks tonight and being work on the following page. Randomly, yesterday a group of girls suddenly started to reblog the current pages 1-5 on Tumblr. One girl added that she wished that this was a crossover between Satan's Alley and that show The Vikings from the History Channel. I didn't really understand the comment but I guess if she liked it, whatever, right?

Finished the next chapter to LNchan and I's "Sherlock Holmes" piece. I'm pleased with it and it'll be fun moving into more of the action portion as well as beginning to "heat up" John and Sherlock's relationship.

That's all for now! I've got work in a couple hours so I best prep for it. Yay.
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Please stop being a pain in the rear and giving me MASSIVE inspiration when I'm standing at my checkstand and cannot take notes as tons of images and directions flood my mind.

Not that you will pay attention but in least I needed to let you know it is very annoying when I can't do anything about it! =-.-=

Random note, I pranked a telemarketer today by answering the phone in Korean. XD
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Nick is being a real pain in the rear today. I wasn't able to go to work because I contracted a chest infection. I fortunately found someone to come in for me and the doctor prescribed me the same stuff he always does. Because I have asthma, I need to get those infections taken care of before they morph into asthmatic pneumonia.

All I did on FB was mention it as a side note, the main portion of the quick post being an update on my costume research of Fili's outfit he wears for the majority of the movie.

Cue the attitude.

I don't like to post personal things on my FB, I just don't. But I definitely got the impression he was looking for an arguement or a fight tonight. I stayed polite and simply explained what had happened and that I was just glad it wasn't the flu. Instead of just being pleased with that, he had to put his own two cents in about how he deals with as many people as I deal with, handles money and credit cards and NEVER has to deal with illness. So obviously my store wasn't handling the situation correctly.

::rolls eyes:: I'm actually aware of him having "fits" like this but since I didn't feel good today, it just irritated me right to the core.

Ugh, Men.
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I would have appreciated if you and I hadn't started off with back breaking speed. Quite literally. Had to leave work today because my back that has been threatening to go out on me finally did. Thankfully a co-worker came in on her day off to finish my shift for me.

So yeah, 2013? Let's try and play nice now, ne?
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So, it's been a very weird past few days for me at work. My main boss is gone because of another store's remodel and then he's on vacation. The assistant boss has been decent enough for a change. But of course, the moment the head cheese is gone, the price coordinator I work for periodically magically calls in "sick" on two of the busiest days of the week at my store.

I get a call just before 6 a.m. on Tuesday. I take a sleeping pill. I answer the phone. I somehow drive to work and manage to do her job half awake.

Thank heavens I didn't hit anyone on the way. =-.-=

It wouldn't have been that big of a deal, but she does this every time the main boss leaves. I don't even think she was sick but I didn't say anything. (That's because she's heading toward retirement age and when she does, I get her job. WOOT!)

I'm pretty bummed too because none of my friends are half as excited as I am about "The Hobbit" premiere. I'm glad that a lot of my OL friends are but it makes it a little lonely around here when I want to talk about new screenshots or little interviews just for a bit and it's immediately replaced by...

"Yeah, that's kewl, Mir but what we really should be talking about is SODAK CON!"

For those of you who are familiar with this phrase, you probably know who I'm referring too.

I'm so sick of this convention already and it's not even here yet.

Unfortunately too, I don't get to go to Seoul this year either because my friend became unexpectedly unemployed. On a lighter note, we decided to go to "Walt Disney World" in October for S's and G's, so that should be fun.

I know this was kind of a meandering post but I needed to get a bit off my chest.

Here's to the rest of the evening!
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Though I am not a fan of the BBC "Sherlock" show by any means, I think it was pretty stupid of you to change the character of "Dr. Watson" into a female because you were concerned about the heavy "homoerotic" tension between Sherlock and Watson in the british version.

There, I feel better now.
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Seriously, the "stupid" at my store is getting to EPIC proportions.

I tell everyone that I have had a bad migraine since 3:30 a.m. this morning and to try and limit how many questions they ask me because I wasn't functioning the best.

Cue the "Idiot" button.

Everyone seems to have forgotten my request and how to do pretty much everything else in the store.

TGIF tomorrow. =-.-=
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Work today made me cringe a little more than usual. I'm grateful that it was my last "official" day of cashiering for the week because if the people got any dumber today, I would worry severely about my IQ dropping.

I think I'm getting meaner the farther I get into 2012.

Only ten more months until "The Hobbit."
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There are just some days at work where it goes beyond the norm and there just isn't anywhere to hit your head against the wall without everyone noticing. =-.-=


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