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It was one hell of a day at work. My back hurts, my feet hurts and I struggled with a migraine the whole day. I just have to keep telling myself that I have one more day tomorrow and then a day off. Then back to work on Monday. But it will be nice to actually spend Mother's Day with my mum, so I will take having to return back to work on Monday in exchange for Sunday off.

On a random note, some times it's the little things that make the day better. I opened up a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper to take with my migraine medicine and found out that I won a free movie rental from Redbox. So hey, free movie! =^^=

Because of the busy of the day, I didn't get much doodling done like the past couple days. I did manage one JARVIS based one after LNchan left a little niggling idea in the back of my head if Tony would be jealous if Jarvis would pay attention to someone else other than him. The other doodle is of my cosplay. I think Sei is such a fantastic character and I tried to capture a few of her different expressions as best as I could in the up close sketches.

On to the Doodles! )

That's it for today, maybe I'll have a few more tomorrow! Oh, and I finished inking in page 7 of the "Satan's Alley" doujinshi. Three more pages to go and it will be finished! Woot! =^^=V
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Well, it was one hell of a day at work today. Once again, I was piled on with three more jobs I didn't really have time to do, yet amazingly enough, still managed to finish within the noted time frame. I swear, I truly think they believe I'm the human version of the Energizer Bunny or something. =-.-=

Also, bought the fabric for my single cosplay I'll be wearing for the one day I'll be attending SoDak Con next month. Only reason I'm going is to see a couple friends that are coming up from Colorado and I'm getting interviewed for a cosplay book that will be published in the states in October, I believe? I'm getting to know the girl writing it, she's an accomplished cosplayer and is very sweet. I opted for an semi-unusual choice just because I don't think many people will either know my character or just may be fearful to approach me. I'm doing "Sei Kurosawa," the villainess from the horror survival PS game "Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly." In a nutshell, pure white kimono splattered in blood. Good times to be had by all. XD

Past that ramblings, I've done even more JARVIS doodles because I am falling in love with the idea of Tony having his "secret" passionate affair with his system. XD Oh, and Science Boyfriends to throw in there too because I was feeling a bit angsty when I drew it.


Dah Doodles )

That's it for today! =~.^=V
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Since LNchan and I were talking about 'bot fics and the fact that I think she writes some of the best ones around, I was playing around with what I think JARVIS would look like if he had a human projection of himself.

LNchan was brilliant in suggesting that Tony would model JARVIS after himself in appearance because he's just that egotistical. (And we love him for that!) So I used that idea and crossed it with how RDJ looked as "Kirk Lazarus" in "Tropic Thunder."

I ended up with a white, wavy haired man with a white goatee and pupiless vibrant blue eyes since that's where his "programming" would be viewable from. Then came the tongue-in-cheek humor. I will never be able to write a Tony/JARVIS fic without laughing now. So, onto the art!


All done with a blue ink pen at work today. The insanity continues!
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Because my lovely LNchan requested it, here are pages 1-5 of the current doujinshi based after a film that doesn't exist, yet I am sure would have had an EPIC storyline. Hope you enjoy, my dear!

Whispers by the Sea~Pages 1-5 )

There is purposely very little text in this because the characters are supposed to be sworn to silence monks so I used that to my advantage. Also, I liked using the whole Gothic type for their speech. XD
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Absolutely loved watching Iron Man 3 last night. Because of some miscommunication with our theatre's website, when K and I got there, we thought there was only seats available for the 2D showing. Low and behold, they didn't publish the fact that the 3D had WAY more space available, so we got to see it in 3D with a limited amount of other peeps.

Overall, loved, loved, LOVED the film. Smartly written, fast paced, EXCELLENT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, and still holding to the initial IM charm.

Now, as LNchan stated, Haters are going to Hate. Because of these particular individuals, it has become harder and harder for me to even want to go to conventions or step foot into the comic book store. It annoys me so much in fact that I often send Nick in and then when I visit Rapid, I get it then.

I rather enjoyed the wrap-up of the movie and for those who don't know, yes Tony does get his Arc Reactor back in the later serials. However, I really enjoyed how RDJ played it out. Will he be back? Who knows but recently he was interviewed commenting that he would be thrilled if he and his fellow actors could make 17 IM movies. I know right now though he wants to get back to working with Jude Law and make a new Sherlock film, which I give the massive high five too!

And of course, let us not forget the love that is Science Boyfriends at the very, very end. Mark Ruffalo and RDJ together are a squishy, cuddly, self contained and confused adorable mess of a duo.

And I still think one of them should have been eating gummy worms.
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So in a nutshell I've just finished inking the fourth page of the doujinshi. Like I said, in the beginning this was a joke. But now I'm really digging the small storyline I've set up. Since we know nothing of the film because it never existed, this is a bit fun to work with because in all essence it is a blank canvas.

The fourth page is the first time there is any spoken dialect and only one word is said. After all, they are supposed to be monks sworn to silence. I tried to make that obvious in just their facial expressions in the first three pages. As I continue, there will still be limited dialogue. Makes me wish seriously this was a real film because there could be such incredible acting done in it.

Alas, we'll just have to run with this storyline for now. XD

Also, I'm planning to sell a portion of my lolita wardrobe. Some of the items I haven't worn in years and some I just don't care for any more. I'm converting to a more Otome Kei style and the huge petticoat required dresses just aren't my digs any more.

Until next time, ja ne! =~.^=V
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At first I was semi-joking about making the whole "Satan's Alley" doujinshi, but then I was playing around with some panels and text styles on my work's computer and randomly came up with the first three panels of page one. Then I drew in the first three panels. Then I set up the next three pages panels, including one containing minimal spoken text without any current illustrations.

What kind of hole have I fallen into? =^^=;;

Anyhoo, here's the page that I have. It's quite a bit smaller than the original copy and I do have the ability to do computer generated shading but I'm just not feeling it at the moment. Maybe in the future, ne?

Dah Doujinshi Page! )
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And I have no shame about it.

I am in the midst of working on the first page of a doujinshi about a fictional movie. 'Cuz I mean, c'mon! When are we ever going to get something as searing and hot as the fake "Satan's Alley?" It just isn't going to happen!

So I'm going to pretend it did and use free writer and art skills and make a short doujinshi. Because I can.

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Please stop being a pain in the rear and giving me MASSIVE inspiration when I'm standing at my checkstand and cannot take notes as tons of images and directions flood my mind.

Not that you will pay attention but in least I needed to let you know it is very annoying when I can't do anything about it! =-.-=

Random note, I pranked a telemarketer today by answering the phone in Korean. XD
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I wasn't a bit fan of the first G.I. Joe, having only seen bits and pieces but I really liked the cartoon, my fave two being Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Both were main characters in this movie. (And might I add that Storm was portrayed by one of my favorite actors, Lee Byunghun?)

That being said, it was a pretty rollicking good movie with lots of explosions, a really awesomely strong female characters and The Rock, which is always a bonus.

Random note, I am not ashamed to admit I ship Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Hell, I think I did that when I was like eight! XD
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I hope everyone had a very Happy Easter! =^^= Ours was very quiet as we celebrated with my family yesterday. So today after we attended church, we went out for a light lunch. Which unfortunately did not agree with my recently overly sensitive stomach, so I went without supper tonight because I just couldn't handle the idea of trying to eat anything else. Blech. This is what happens when you don't eat fast food often and then go to KFC. =^^=;;

Other random things, apparently a private group has almost finished translating "DRAMATICAL Murder," which is a BL game that has all the Tumblr girls in a tizzy right now. Though it looks really interesting, why is it that the games that I want to play never get translated? Oh that's right, its because I like the games featuring older gents or guys with facial hair. XD

LNchan and I will randomly start piecing together an SH project using our respective characters. I'm looking forward to it, I think it will be a lot of fun and give me a chance to flex my muscles. Her and I work really well together and it makes for easy and fun writing.

That's all for tonight, hoping to have something more interesting to post. Oh, I should also add that today I met a young man named Aaron who just moved into a town about ten miles away from me and attends my church. He looks like a cross between Johnny Depp and Viggo Mortenson. He wants to take me out next Friday. =^^=;; Ja ne!
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Toys R Us was having this very unique sale where if you subscribed to XBox Live Gold membership for 2 years for $14.99 a month, you could get an XBox and a Kinect for $99.00.

Thank heavens I went all the way to Rapid with my dad after work today because I got the last one that had the Kinect. I think the gal was really surprised I was so willing to go into the membership. It was based soley on the fact that I have a bank credit card that has to be used at least once a month to keep my credit rating up. Now, since once a month Xbox will charge that card, I can securely put it away and forget I have it for two years. Yatta!

Also made a reserve payment on the DISfinity game coming out in June. I admit, I only did it because I wanted to play as Captain Jack Sparrow and he is one of the first characters you get. =^^=;; My Sparrow love knows no bounds!

So in a nutshell I now am part of the XBox generation. In reality, I would have perferred a Wii, but for that price, I wasn't going to let it pass by!

Now back to my mad plot bunny involving a real!Kirk Lazarus/Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law mess that is dancing it's way all over my brain. XD
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So last night I was dinking around on Tumblr (big surprise) looking for RDJ pics and stumbled across the actual Kirk Lazarus tag. So I clicked it and low and behold, tons of fantastic images of Downey with that wonderful golden hair and fantastic frightening blue eyes popped up.

And someone had made a suggestion that writing a Tony Stark/Kirk Lazarus fic would be cool since they were both of Downey's characters.


So here I'm sitting there going, "What if Kirk Lazarus was a real person and he and Robert ended up working on a film together where they played fraternal twins? Something like an erotic suspense thriller and Jude Law was cast as a doctor who they both end up getting obsessed with? But off set both Robert and Kirk are actually battling for Jude's affection/love. And the more intense their desires get, the more torn Jude becomes between his deep connection with Robert and his immediate attraction to Kirk. To make matters worse, Robert and Kirk are finding it difficult to deal with the building sexual tension between them."

And then I had to go to sleep before I started slamming down notes on my computer wordpad. This does not mean I may not write this. Hell, I'm on the verge already!
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Because I know she's been having a really up and down past few days, so what better distraction than our two boyz sharing a very passionate and unexpected kiss?

To the Johnlock! )

Here's to a bright spot in the day, love!
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I ended up going to the doctor yesterday and found out I had what I suspected. Strep Throat. I had managed the whole year without getting it and thought perhaps I would bypass it this year, since we've moved out of the "season" for it.

Low and behold, it reared it's ugly head. So annoyed I can hardly stand it. I've also lost my voice. I was fortunate that work let me leave very early today, I was pretty useless trying to answer the phone. =^^=;;

Sherlock musings, I'm debating if I want to do a secondary Sherlock outfit, more of a closet cosplay? I was thinking about doing his white button up shirt, pinstripe pants and suspenders? Like what he wears when he's messing around with his violin. Or maybe the dressing jacket from the first movie when his beloved Watson throws open the curtains on him? Seems like it would be a bit fun to do.

Randomly debating if I want to delve a bit into RPS writing again and do a bit of RDJude. It would just be here at DW basically for LNchan and I to get a chuckle out of. =~.^= Oh, and I've been making small animated icons from Sherlock. They've been a bit of a trick but fun to make!

And that's all for tonight, ja ne for now! =~.^=V
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RDJude used to be epically popular on Tumblr. They were the it "semi-fictional" OTP. (It's hard to say they are a fictional couple because they come off as being too real of a couple.)

But now the news that this month Jude and Robert are supposed to meet to talk about Sherlock Holmes 3 and look over the script. I cannot describe the level of happy I'm feeling as the RDJude tag has come alive once again!

Oh, and a very cute comment from Jude, "And here Robert is off saving the world. What does he expect me to do? Wait at home and knit?"

I have to find my navy blue cordouroy for my Sherlock jacket and then some round sunglass style spectacles and I'll have the initial design done and ready for permiere after the jacket is finished. I may or may not have a Watson but who cares?!


This random moment has been brought to you by the rare public moments of fangirling that I some times do.
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Well, after what seemed like an endless week, I'm getting ready for bed and looking forward to a 3-day weekend. Tomorrow a.m. my 'rents and I are picking up our first "Bountiful Baskets" order, which is a direct from farm to buyer produce program. For approximately $15.00, we get around $70.00 in produce for two weeks. Also bonus, I ordered the mixed bread basket. (I'm such a garden geek!)

With Mum's encouragement, I ordered an older "Angelic Pretty" dress from "Closet Child" today. I had to put a few things into Google Translate since the order form has changed since I used it last. I bought the OP (One-piece) of "Whipped Magic" in darker pink today. It was a design from 2008 that initially I didn't like but after a few years, it has really grown on me. It's been nicknamed "Toxic Cupcake" because of the use of brighter greens in some of their cupcakes on the print. I think its cute and will look adorable with my blonde and pink bob.

Also, fell completely in love with the anime "Aikatsu." It was a random link on the side of Youtube that I clicked a few days ago. Literally addicted. I normally am not fond of shoujo anime, especially ones geared at obviously tweens, but there is something really endearing about this. The female main characters are very likeable and instead of being catty when one succeeds, they're actually sincerely happy. Yes, it's about girls achieving their dreams to become Idol Singers/Actresses/Models, but it also makes a point of showing you have to do a lot of hard work to get there.

Another reason I love it? The above guy featured in my icon. His name is Johnny Bepp. And yes, he was designed after the actor Johnny Depp. He's the girls' choreographer and speaks quite often in Engrish. He's very cute, he's very funny and he has quite a few "Depp-isms" that are obvious to us hard core fans.

That's about it for today. I'm getting pretty excited to get back into lolita seriously again. I didn't realize how much I missed it. Oh, and I bought my "Sherlock" pinstripe pants last week. I found them at a second hand store for 4 bucks! What are the odds?

Ja ne for now! =~.^=V
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Have taken away my ability to think clearly. On the upside, I'm finding things way more humorous than I should be.

Getting a new set of acrylic nails tomorrow. Then will have to remember how I used to type with them.

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...nuff said.
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Konbanwa, minnasan, it was quite a day for me today. I made arrangements last night to be gone for today and tomorrow as I fight my battle with a nasty cold I got. Cue getting called at 5:30 in the morning because the other price coordinator suddenly called in "sick" even though she knew I was ill last night. Needless to say, I was pulled out of a deep sleep and informed my poor coworker that I could not come in, I really was too sick to even get out of bed. She called me back a bit later and said that our boss was going to come in and take care of it. What the price coordinator didn't realize is that I had spoken to my boss yesterday and he knew I was going to be gone. Score one for me for thinking ahead!

But enough about whining about work, I was scrolling through Tumblr collecting bits and pieces for my Marvel image collection and then realized that I didn't have a whole lot of stuff with Daken (Akihiro) on them. So a "tumblin'" I went.

I like Daken. I really, really, REALLY do. I know some of my comic friends state its because he's covered in tattoos and the fact that he's blatantly bisexual. Yes, those are bonus points but I liked him because he's manipulative, cruel and dowright EVIL. And *SPOILER*, I thought the way he died was really sucky and downplayed what a vital component he was during the whole "Dark Avengers" arc. (Mind you, I don't have all the issues and probably never will even if I tried.)

But aside from that, Daken to me seemed like the most realistic of all Marvel villians. Yeah, he had "Daddy" issues when it came to Wolverine big time. But there were times that he seemed sincerely concerned about the welfare of others. Even if for a flitting moment.

And aside from his metal claws he inherited from his pop, he had a very unique style and appearance that is all his own. He can rock a suit, being shirtless or putting on the "Dark Wolverine" costume and it all looks awesome.

Plus, he has the ability to manipulate his pheremones as a lovely website pointed out, which allows him to be utterly alluring to both genders and perhaps some alien lifeforms. He doesn't seem to have an issue with all three.

So bonus points to Daken, you were a villianous superstar and I hope that in the future, Marvel resurrects and uses you again.

In the mean time, let us appreciate all the fine boyz you managed to snag during your run. We have your "inferred" relationship with Norman Osbourne of "Spidey" fame. We have you hitting on Venom. We have you hitting on Ares. We have you hitting on The Thing. We have you not only hitting on Fantastic 4 Johnny, but coming to his apartment, sneaking in and putting on his clothes before playing all shy and cute with him. We have you making out with Bullseye and my personal favorite, we have you exchanging pheremone signatures with Remy. (Why the hell didn't that go somewhere faster?)

And pics, because I can.

Daken Being Daken )

Now I'm hankering for Daken/Remy. Why must I always like the hard to come by pairings! =;.;=


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