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Hello 2014! Let's see if you can be any better than '13. Though from the start of it already, you're a bit shaky. You've got almost 12 months still to make up for that!

In the mean time, I thought that I would make a little art dump of a couple pieces I did during break time at work today. Both are direct from pen but using two different kinds of pens and two different styles.

 photo count1_zps8d6f725f.jpg

"The Young Count"~Recently I've been falling back in love with the classic shoujo style that was so popular in the late 60's through the late 70's. It was fun using this style and I'm thinking of continuing to do so for illustration pieces.

 photo roa1_zpsead4b4f1.jpg

"Lonny and Dennis"~I LOVE the musical "Rock of Ages" and since it had Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin as Lonny and Dennis, I couldn't pass up watching the film version. They are the third of the official canon couples. Of course, their couple song is REO Speedwagon's "I Can't Fight this Feeling Any More." The performance is both funny as hell and sweetly endearing. I will probably have more ROA fan art in the future.

That's it for tonight! =~.^=V


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