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Just got back from the cinema with K and I'm still in a bit of awe over seeing the new "Hobbit" film. Having noted that...

Overall, I thought the film was amazing though I admit to feeling a few of the areas ran a little long, I know that it's quite difficult making three films out of a little over three hundred page book.

I liked the original elf character Tauriel. I thought she was strong, smart and agile. She's pretty and still an amazing fighter.

I didn't like the love triangle the directors wrote in between her, Legolas and Kili. Not because I'm a slash fan, but more because I thought there was no real point in it. It's not like Aragorn and Arwen's story, which has a deep and symbolic meaning in LotR. This seemed to have been thrown in to attract girls, I think?

Bombur had a much bigger (if you'll excuse the play on words) role than previous and I found that refreshing.

For it being the Hobbit, they focused a lot on Thorin and his band of dwarves. However, it set it up very nicely for the final movie and the great battle of the five armies.

Smaug's effects were AMAZING and though I'm not a Benedict Cumberbatch fan, his voice was flawless for the role. Definitely worth seeing in 3D just for the dragon!

And my only super major complaint is that I am and will always be Fili-bias and it felt like they just tossed his character off to the side and a lot of his lines were just fill-ins to make up for space. I know that he will be a much bigger player in the final sequences of the last movie but it was such a bummer for me to see a favorite of mine seem to lose of a bit of the spotlight. But that's just a bias fan's view, I know.

Overall, would definitely see it again and probably will some time after Christmas.

RATING: Four Stars!


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