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So today after a trying day of my work's computer system deciding that it was going to work when it darn well felt like it, I came home feeling restless.

This often results in me being super busy or very inspired.

Actually, both happened today.

I cut out my kimono pattern for Sei's outfit today and my wig arrived in the mail, so my cosplay is officially off and running! Woot!

And, the big news is that I finished the last page of the "Satan's Alley" doujinshi. I'm very proud of this being that the only two truly spoken lines occur on page 8 and page 9. Now to work on my Omake koma panel comic to go with it. Can't decide what I want the next story for the RDJ book to be, I'll have to think on it for a while. Oh, and I'm going to post at the bottom and extra SA doodle and a random pic I did of Captain Hook because I like it.


 photo sadoujinshi8a_zps368b7228.jpg

 photo sadoujinshi9a_zpsb05c0078.jpg

 photo sadoujinshi10a_zpsd7687a0d.jpg

 photo sadoodle1_zps0f757c9e.jpg

(Random note on this doodle, I pictured Connell just starting to move into his late teens here where the first pangs of love are starting to touch him and by this time, O'Malley has fallen completely in love but chooses to stay silent.)

 photo captainhook1_zps57bf2ae5.jpg

(Hook got a lot sexier than I remember him! XD)

Date: 2013-05-24 03:20 am (UTC)
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Did... was... did he speak in that last part? Want to make sure I didn't imagine that.

Last picture briefly, briefly made me imagine RDJ playing Hook, but I immediately tossed it out, just because villains always get it, and my heart couldn't take RDJ getting it, regardless of who he's playing.


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