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Work was exceedingly long today as I struggled against a brutal cold that has laid siege to my nose, throat and ears. Unfortunately, its nothing that antibiotics will take care of so I just have to bear it. I had a low grade temp today and though everyone kept asking if I was feeling well, when I mentioned I would like to go home early just for today, they (meaning only two peeps that I work with in the office) had a ton of work for me to do. So I made it my whole shift relying on my resilience and stubborn nature.

I'm still displaced for another night. Hopefully tomorrow evening I'll get back to my own bed even if the rest of the furniture isn't in the new master bedroom yet. I'm typing using my comp this afternoon because I managed to squeeze my way into the guest room where much of the pieces that are being sold are sitting at the moment.

And since I was having a crappy day, I decided to do an SA doodle to cheer me up. It ended up angsty. I like it.

 photo sasketch1_zps485b6051.jpg

I had a red pencil I found at work, thus came the little bit of shading. By this moment, I figure Connell is about twenty, which would probably make O'Malley somewhere in his late forties. I love age gap relationships!

That's it for now!

Date: 2013-05-16 08:05 pm (UTC)
marama: (Link01 - okay smile)
From: [personal profile] marama
Sometimes I hate your job for you, because that was a crappy thing to do to you. I so wish you could go somewhere else, but I know your hands are tied.

Lovely sketch is lovely, and distracting, because I'm suppose to be taking a quiz, and... screw it, quiz can wait, I need gazing time.

I'll make a post announcing changes to the comm later today, unless you want to. Either way's fine with me.

Date: 2013-05-16 10:09 pm (UTC)
marama: Genmi from "Sorcerer on the Rocks" anime (blushing Genmi)
From: [personal profile] marama
Yeah, kind of like a bill. Stays low for a bit, then suddenly a 75% increase. That's pretty much how I see your job.

Please do. My connection is currently unstable, (getting new modem next week), so I'll get to the about us when it's less spazzy; probably this evening.


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