May. 4th, 2013

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Absolutely loved watching Iron Man 3 last night. Because of some miscommunication with our theatre's website, when K and I got there, we thought there was only seats available for the 2D showing. Low and behold, they didn't publish the fact that the 3D had WAY more space available, so we got to see it in 3D with a limited amount of other peeps.

Overall, loved, loved, LOVED the film. Smartly written, fast paced, EXCELLENT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, and still holding to the initial IM charm.

Now, as LNchan stated, Haters are going to Hate. Because of these particular individuals, it has become harder and harder for me to even want to go to conventions or step foot into the comic book store. It annoys me so much in fact that I often send Nick in and then when I visit Rapid, I get it then.

I rather enjoyed the wrap-up of the movie and for those who don't know, yes Tony does get his Arc Reactor back in the later serials. However, I really enjoyed how RDJ played it out. Will he be back? Who knows but recently he was interviewed commenting that he would be thrilled if he and his fellow actors could make 17 IM movies. I know right now though he wants to get back to working with Jude Law and make a new Sherlock film, which I give the massive high five too!

And of course, let us not forget the love that is Science Boyfriends at the very, very end. Mark Ruffalo and RDJ together are a squishy, cuddly, self contained and confused adorable mess of a duo.

And I still think one of them should have been eating gummy worms.


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