Jan. 6th, 2013

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It's no secret, my favorite Dwarf is hands down, Fili. I love that his name and line tranlates out to be "Lion or Lion-hearted" out of Dwarvish. He is noble, he is bold, he is kind and he is wise. He would have been the heir to the throne if things were different at the end of "The Hobbit." (Yes, I am a realist and have always known Thorin, Fili and Kili's fates.)

I really do love the Durincest pairings. But naturally, I like them different from everyone else. LNchan and I tend to share this trait. We both "see" things differently from others.

I LOVE Fili being dominant. Yes he is shorter than Kili. But he is older and I believe deep down that Kili would naturally submit to his brother. Plus, through the film version it looks like the duo is "dating" more than they are related.

I also adore Thorin X Fili, the one time I wouldn't mind seeing Fili in the submissive role. Mostly because I think Thorin would want to carve his nephew in his own image. Lots of luscious UST and other unspoken things.

Outside of Durincest, I like him with Bofur. Why? No real reason, I just think it's cute.

And there is my obsessive Fili wanderings for today. The icon I used is from a portrait I finished of him the other day. I'll post it to DW next time. Until then, ja ne for now!


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