Jan. 1st, 2013

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What to say about '12? Not a whole lot. It was not the best year though I wouldn't disable it or ask it to go away.

I refound my love of journaling but here at DW where only LN (who I am also very glad to have back in my life) and a choice two or three others can see.

I have a "new" knee, something I needed desperately and it was worth all the painful physical therapy that I went through.

Got a new boyfriend and just as quickly, am watching him slip away. Bittersweet and stinging but not as painful and tragic as one would think.

I rediscovered my love of LotR, of The Hobbit, of my trips to Disney World and of my beautiful BJD, Lionel.

I saw my family fall on hard times and pull themselves up by the strings once again.

I fell out of love with Kpop and fell back in love with classical music.

I heard my youngest autistic nephew say his first full sentence.

There was snow where there wasn't any even though the rivers ran dry here.

All in all, 2012 had many low points, accented by high points.

And to quote my dearest LNchan, 2013, I have my eye on you. =^^=


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